Guild Wars Nightfall Now Live

Just a reminder and a heads up for everyone. Guild Wars Nightfall as of about 8 hours ago or so, went live and can be played to your hearts content.

The new Hero stuff is great, and you can tell right off the bat they really worked on the PvE part of the game this go round. The original Guild Wars was I'd say a mostly 50/50 between PvE and PvP goodness, but Factions was horribly out of whack and the PvE portion of Factions suffered where as the PvP portion shined. For those of you who love PvE action, Nightfall may be for you. It looks like the engine was also slightly updated, as well as some other much needed additions to the game.

Look for a full review in the coming week or so, along with a couple other games as well.

Link: Guild Wars Homepage

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Well If You hated Factions You will find it hard to love NightFall.

More or less every bad thing from Factions was transported into Nightfall ... Island, Locked Areas, Locked Elite Missions....

Nevermind the slew of gameplay updates, it still feels crippled compared to Prophecies, and that is not very good. aNet took on almost perfect formula in Prophecies and made it worse.

I bought the game, but where in Prophecies I could't stop playing I found myself loging off after just 4 levels. Shame really.

Well, that was the mistake, you should have continued. In fact there is only one island... the tutorial. And the areas are locked because they are storyline bound, and open up while you advance in game. I reached the mainland and I am very very impressed, it is incredibly huge, and there are so wide open areas that you can get lost literally. Give it a try, you'll see this is definately one great piece of game.

I really hope that You are right, since I tried it again this morning and I really got bored with sunspear points, termite legs, drakes flesh..........^^

What is bad on island is that I yet have to find anything resembling main storyline(if there is any). You might be correct for mainland, don't know still not there yet, but the island is pretty disapointing. Quests are awful. I forgot to mention 1 more thing that made prophecies way ahead of Factions and NightFall...You had to work for skills, by doing specific quests. Here Kill, trade, get money, buy skills...not really engaging.

And please aNEt do something about trading system, make player shops........this trading with wts, wtb and wtt is completely idiotic, not to mention that it makes hundred of times harder to sell anything.

One thing more is that I couldn't find a trace of updated graphics except for those Atlas Stone figures holding the Earth.

The engine has been upgraded, you can see new shader effects here and there.
Nightfall's system requirements has almost been doubled from the original GW.

Among that, there are lots of new features such as build/equipment templates, and of course the new heroes system.