Guinness World Records to produce videogame edition

Guinness World Records has announced plans to debut a new videogame series of the famous annual book, starting by unveiling the Videogame Edition 2008 on stand D505 at the London Book Fair (April 16 – 18 ). It will include reviews of the 20 biggest games of the year, record scores and fastest times, hardware profiles, sales figures and technical achievements made by individual games. The book will also answer questions such as which pro gamers earn the most money, what is the single highest score ever achieved in a game and which is the most successful games console of all time. Guinness World Records is already putting together a team to work on the videogame edition, and editor Ellie Gibson has been appointed as official consultant.

"Our record researchers are already scouring the videogaming community for superlatives, and the vast number of games, gamers, developers and platforms mean that we have an incredible pool of content to dip into each year. It's going to be a very exciting project," said Guinness World Records editor in chief Craig Glenday.

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I dunno if it still stands, but I took part in the guiness record for the biggest amount of different games played in a single room at the same time. The number was 210.

I thought they were making a game version where you would have to break records! That would be awesome!

It could have records like, who can enter the cheat for Sonic 2 in the quickest possible time, who can reach level 100 in WoW in the shortest time etc.

It could be a system process that records all this in the background, then compiles a list online...