Hacker faces jail for Trojan horse

A US man has pleaded guilty to charges of writing and distributing a Trojan horse designed to steal usernames and passwords. Richard C Honour, 31, faces a maximum five years in prison and a $250,000 fine after admitting releasing the malware.

The Trojan affected users of the DarkMyst IRC chatroom, which is popular with online gamers. Using the name 'Fyle/Anatoly', Honour sent messages to other IRC users claiming to contain links to online movies.

However, users who clicked on the links were infected with a Trojan that opened a backdoor on their PCs, allowing the hacker to spy on his victims, steal banking details and commit identity theft.

Honour was arrested at his home in Kenmore, Washington following an FBI investigation that found stolen information from victims' computers and evidence that he had written the malicious code.

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From the Dark Myst website

A few years back we had a series of spam attacks conducted by an
individual that went by the aliases of Fyle and Anatoly. This individual primarily used IRC as his method to spread and infect people with his work. After getting feedback and assistance from other networks and their administrators, along with working closely with federal authorities, we are happy to announce that he has pled guilty. He will be sentenced in May.

this guy is no computer hacker. !

hes just a crook who put together a trojan, to steal information from users in an IRC chatroom.

what sorta file was it anyways? it dont seem to say... cause it seems if your windows is kept upto date and you browser is upto date.... how could u get infected by just "clicking" on a website link... or if it was a .exe file it seems like you would have to actually run it for it to infect you etc.

yes these are the hackers that deserve it... cause trying to screw with peoples money and ruin there credit is pretty damn serious if you ask me!

he had it comming.

A few more of these kinds of arrests might actually start sending a clear message to these scumbags: find a new hobby or start planning to share a shower stall with Bubba the Serial Rapist!