Hacker Releases Tool to Add Third Party HDD to Xbox 360

A hacker who goes by the handle "TheSpecialist," who was one of the first hackers to modify the Xbox 360 DVD drive firmware to play backup games, has released a tool that allows any Western Digital BEVS SATA hard drive to be used on the Xbox 360. Considering the official 20GB drive retails for $99.99 and a cheap 40GB WD Scorpio drive goes for $50, this can save 360 gamers a lot of cash. Unfortunately, a current limitation to the hack is that sectors copied from a 20GB will leave a 40GB drive with only 20GB of storage on the Xbox 360. The process is, thankfully, completely reversible through the HDDHacker software.

The software tool works as described in the documentation: "x360 HDD's contain information on sector 16 about the HDD: the HDD serial number, the model, the firmware version and the size in sectors is stored here. The x360 asks the HDD to identify itself, by sending an 'IDENTIFY DEVICE' ATA to the HDD. It will compare the returned information to the info that is stored on sector 16. This information on sector 16 is signed and thus can not be changed. This tool will mod the FW from the WD HDD to comply with the information on sector 16, so that the 'identify' information will match the information on sector 16 and your x360 will accept the HDD as valid."

News source: DailyTech

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If you play on xbox live any I would strongly recommend that you avoid such hacks on the hardware or software of your 360... less you want your 360 to be banned from live.

You cannot use as the Xbox 360 SATA addon HDD a SATA HDD larger than 20GB. This hack only allows you to buy the addon, remove Microsoft's included HDD, and include a Western Digital BEVS SATA 20GB. Like Qumahlin said,

This is more of a "I found out how this works" Not a "I found a way around this"
. Besides it only works with WD HDDs.

Woohoo! ............ (remembers paying £70/$130 US for his HDD....) D'OH!!!

Hmm for once i wish they'd hacked quicker! MS are money-grabbing gits when it comes to the X360, ok so at least the standard package is less than half the price of a PS3 but lets be honest, once you have bought a second controller, a DVD remote, a HDD, and any of rediculously overpriced stuff like wireless headsets and controlelrs with special chargers, you have ended up paying twice the price of the x360 itself.

So - nice one "specialist" now if you can just find a way to hack into society to allow me to return my overpriced HDD for a refund, i will be pleased indeed!