Hackers Unlock Extra Violence in Manhunt 2

Hackers have unlocked violent content previously censored in "Manhunt 2" to give it a marketable rating. The game, initially given an "Adults Only" rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, went on sale in the U.S. on Wednesday with a "Mature" rating. Game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software Incoporated edited parts of the game, including blurring some of the most gruesome killing scenes, to get the less restrictive rating. It did not take long for hackers to defeat that blurring on the version of the game for Sony's PlayStation Portable but the same has yet to be rpeated for versions on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii systems. The hack does not roll back all the changes that enabled the game to qualify for the "Mature" rating, and it requires some technical expertise and a PSP unit that is itself hacked to accept modified software.

News source: Physorg

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I've yet to comprehend why a game of this type is any worse than the endless stream of so-called horror movies they've been making for decades.

So Rockstar basically did the same thing they did with the whole hot coffee thing?

I wonder where the legalities of this lies, particularly with downloadable mods. I mean, in the past games have been given higher ratings due to hidden content that could be unlocked via patches and such, but how far should this go? Isn't it reasonable to say that if you ban/re-rate a game because of a downloadable patch, then something like the Sims should get affected as well because of various naked skins you can get?

I have no doubt that Rockstar will probably get into trouble for this, I just think it's a crying shame.

one of the developers showed me somethign yesterday was reeally classic it read

"Warning: Modifying Games makes them different"

Rockstar released the game as is, somene hacked it(probably rockstar) but hey as it's released it made it through the censors. so it's OK