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I have never posted about modifications before today, but I figured that there are enough people already tracking these three mods already and it is near Christmas and I wanted to get the word out on some of them. If the post seems messy, well its probably because it is. I wasn't sure how to post this story, but hopefully you guys will like it anyway.

The three mods I will update are: Incoming - Source, Firearms: Source and finally the long awaited Black Mesa Source.

First is Incoming - Source. Yesterday the IS team announced a biggie - they were removing all modern weaponry from the game. That's right, no more Colt M4A1 for you! Instead they will be using more classes now. Originally I believe there were only three classes (correct me if I'm wrong here) but now there are five classes. They are also doing away with the "buy weapons with the points you earn" system, and instead will be using those points to upgrade your chosen class now.

Second we have Firearms: Source. Firearms for those of you who may remember, was a terrific action packed mod for Half-Life 1 which had alot of "firearms" - go figure. Now the Source version(s) are a bit more complicated. Needless to say I won't go into great detail here, but there are at least three different Firearms mods in development for Source. Long story. Firearms: Source released a small gameplay video yesterday showing off the player speed and the much loved AK-47 reload animation.

Finally we have Black Mesa Source. I'm sure most of you following Half-Life 2 mods, or mods in general have been watching Black Mesa Source for quite awhile now. The Black Mesa Source team released some new media yesterday - and it is looking pretty sweet! For those of you who don't know, Black Mesa Source is a near complete re-do of Half-Life 1 on the Source engine. Developed by very talented people, Black Mesa Source has all its own textures, sounds etc. The mod will also include multiplayer as well, so it is pretty much an entire package. Its a very beautiful mod to be sure, so check out the screens.

Obviously in a news post I cannot go into super detail about each mod, but I will list links for all of you to check out the mods, and some screens for you to gander at. Hopefully some of you will be turned on to these mods and look forward to them as much as I do and as much as the rest of the HL2 mod community does. For more screenshots of each mod, please go to the homepage for each and check out the media sections. There are also other mirrors for the videos I link at the homepages as well. Enjoy.

Link: Incoming - Source Homepage | Screenshot: Screen #1 | Screenshot: Screen #2

Link: Firearms: Source Homepage | Video: Gameplay Video (Large - 100 mb) @ Filefront | Video:
Gameplay Video (Large) @ Fileplanet

Link: Black Mesa Source Homepage | Screenshot: Screen #1 | Screenshot: Screen #2

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Black Mesa looks absolutely incredible. I've been tracking it since it was first announced. What was so weird was that as soon as I saw HL2 I was like "imagine HL1 re-done like that; that really should be done!" and it was. I can't wait.

GES is also well worth a mention; it's gonna be so good.

I would quite happily pay for Goldeneye Source and Black Mesa Source because they are FANTASTIC mods. I haven't actually played Black Mesa, but it does look fantastic :D
And I'm really psyched about GES's Beta Christmas release :D
Black Mesa is what Half Life: Source should have been, and I can't wait!!


It's to the point now that I would pay for Black Mesa: Source if that moved the release day up a few months. If they go on as scheduled and release at the same time, i'd be ****ed.

Black Mesa is what Half Life: Source should have been.

Haven't played anything HL related in a long time, but I'd be all about Black Mesa.

Hey Loc, thanks for the headup.
Be sure to checkup GoldenEye Source, I think there a Beta release in the time of Xmas.

Black Mesa looks really awesome. I've been waiting for this to come out ever since it was announced. They're doing an amazing job!

It's actually just called Black Mesa now. Valve convinced them to drop Source from the title (not in a bad way, they did so nicely).

This is true, but the BM team needs to fix their website since it still says Source and in several places on their website