Half-Life 2's graphics on Xbox 360

Valve have to re-take their pictures for certain areas of land used in Half-Life 2. This is because their original photos are too low resolution to take advantage of the triple core processor and graphics card. Although Half-Life 2 came out in 2004, it still has decent graphics to this date. But Valve want to up the anty and produce a breathtaking new experience for 360 owners. They have released a clip of gameplay from the new game for the 360.

Download: Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (Xbox 360 footage)
News source: Team Xbox

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Why they got a movie from the PC version of HL2:E2 and saying it's the 360 version? (I'm sure the 360 version will look that good though) and I know it is cause it's exactly the same movie Valve have released on Steam for the PC version, so don't worry people that is how good it will look on PC (and 360 I'm assuming) :)

EDIT: Gameplay Movie 5 is probably the best one (the one in the forest), can't wait for HL2:EP2!!

The video is the same one available on Steam right now in their media section, along with 4 other game player videos. I checked the file sizes, for some reason this one is 10MB more than the Valve one, but no real reason why, they are the same resolution. So you Steam users can just download them off steam right now! I'm surprised they didn't updload the other videos, maybe bandwidth reasons.


I was on the fence about getting this since I have Half-Life 2 and Episode One for the PC.

But this looks great! It will be nice to be able to play this while reclining on the couch. :cool:
It looked great when that chopper started dropping all those explosives!

Quote - RanCorX2 said @ #4
screens on teamxbox are hl2 ep2 shots if im not mistaken?

Yes, they are. They also look exactly like the PC preview of EP2. I guess the movie is different, but I couldn't get it to load.

Valve are adding new lighting engine (like in DMoM&M), motion blur, post-processing, texture rendering (or whatever the name is, that allows them to make much much bigger levels at no performance cost).

Ah, man! The better visuals better not be 360 exclusive or... OR... I'll still buy it, but I wont be happy...
My X1800XT 512 could so handle it!

I am sure that all graphical enhancments will be universal as Valve intends to update their engine, especially for Episode 2 and Portal coming out. That is one good thing about Valve when they update something they update eveerything. In fact a few days ago I heard they were updating the engine for Half-Life 1...