Halloween's Michael Myers pops up in first Call of Duty Ghosts DLC pack

Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles will have the timed exclusive for all of the DLC packs made for Call of Duty Ghosts, the most recent game in the first person shooter series from Activision. Today, details of the first DLC pack, Onslaught, were announced.

Activision's press release says that Onslaught will have four multiplayer maps. One is called Bayview, set in a fictional California coast town, while another is called Containment, which features a war torn Mexican village. The third map is Ignition, a remake of the Scrapyard map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The final map, Fog, is the most interesting. It's set in a spooky rural location, complete with a cabin in the woods. If a player finds and completes a special Field Order in the map, they get transformed into Michael Myers, the white masked serial killer from the long running Halloween movie series. The map even starts playing the iconic music theme from those films when this transformation happens.

The pack also comes with a new weapon, Maverick, that can be turned into an assault or sniper rifle. Finally, it contains a new map for the ongoing alien invasion co-op campaign Extinction. Titled Nightfall, it takes place in a base in Alaska and features new weapons and two new alien monsters to fight.

Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught is due for release January 28th for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game for the price of $14.99. It will be released for the game's other platforms at a later date.

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I thought they meant Mike Myers and was expecting Austin Powers
Rough night last night!

Just read the comments, seems i`m not the only one

WDF happened to Call of Duty????? i played the old ones until MW3, but this is just ridiculous!
ill stick to Battlefield 4 and the Dinosaurs that are coming....lol

Jason Voorhees would've been a better fit for the Fog map setting.
And now I want a Halloween game where I go around knifing annoying teens.

Enron said,
Didn't they already have Freddy Kreuger on Mortal Kombat?

That was voted on by fans wasn't it? Plus Freddy makes sense in a Mortal Kombat game since they involve different realms. So bringing him in and giving him a story involving the dream realm was the best choice.

Michael Myers in a Call of Duty game where the level features a cabin in the foggy woods, makes no freaking sense at all. That would better for Jason Voorhees, Leatherface or something Evil Dead related. Not a guy that stalks teenage babysitters in the suburbs. He also rarely used an axe. Always favored a butcher knife.

I would be willing to bet they created that level with Jason in mind and couldn't get permission to use the character. New Line is known for that. I was surprised freddy appeared in MK.

I hate COD but i like that they're atleast a little creative with this stuff. Too many drone zombie kids that like the same old "realistic" generic military **** over and over again, often fighting the Russians or Chinese or a terrorist. So stupidly boring.