Halo 3: Over $300 million in one week

Interactive entertainment will never be the same, with the launch of one title that has changed the way the world thinks about video games. "Halo® 3" has captured the attention of consumers worldwide and has made history as one of the biggest entertainment launches of all time. Microsoft Corp. today announced that "Halo 3" has officially become a global phenomenon, garnering more than $300 million in sales in the first week alone. The critically acclaimed Xbox 360® exclusive, which was released worldwide on Tuesday, Sept. 25, is the fastest-selling video game ever and already one of the most successful entertainment properties in history.

Initial reports from retailers worldwide show console sales have more than doubled compared with the weekly average before the launch of "Halo 3." With games such as "Halo 3," "Madden 08" (EA Sports), "Mass Effect" (Microsoft Game Studios) and "Rock Band" (Harmonix ), Xbox 360 has the greatest lineup in the history of video games and is the only console where consumers can play all the year's biggest blockbusters. "'Halo' is truly a cultural phenomenon, and the launch of 'Halo 3' is an important milestone for Xbox 360 and for video games as entertainment and as an art form," said Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft. "'Halo 3' embodies our vision for the future of entertainment, where some of the world's greatest creative minds will deliver a new generation of interactive storytelling."

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News source: Xbox Live's Major Nelson

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needlegun said,

Angelina Jolie as Cortana? :nuts:

Or any up and coming hot actress, I could see Angelina Jolie as Cortana a few years ago when she was in her 20s...and yes she is still hot even though she's in her 30s now -- and only a year older than me.

Why not man? Even console sales have benefitted from Halo 3 sales.
300 mil worth of sales must mean its got something worthwhile that alot of people like.
I still have yet to play it but.. cant deny the facts.

El Sid said,
Changing the way we think about video games? Absolutely not.

I think they're referring to how people outside of video games think about them. Kind of like getting them to think that they are just as big and/or important as other forms of entertainment like the movies (Spiderman 3) or books (Harry Potter). And stuff like Halo 3, the Wii, WoW, etc. is helping to change people's views that video games aren't just a kid's way to pass some time and this is a valid form of entertainment that people of all ages, genders, regions, bla bla bla can enjoy.