Halo 4 to be revealed this month?

If the rumors turn out to be true, Microsoft may have a big surprise in store for attendees of their annual San Francisco Xbox Spring Showcase this year. According to IGN, a Finnish magazine called Pelaaja is reporting that Microsoft will reveal details about Halo 4 on February 29th this year.

The report doesn't offer much in the way of details or sources, and it's a bit unusual that a Finnish magazine we've never heard of would have insider knowledge on the matter, but who knows? The Spring Showcase would be as good a forum as any to reveal details on the game, and there's no doubt that Microsoft is going to be letting out details about the game soon.

Invites to the Spring Showcase have already been sent out with no mention of Halo, but a surprise announcement would definitely generate a lot of press. In the meantime, Neowin will keep you up to date on any developments on Halo 4 as soon as they become available.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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