Halo: Reach trailer appears with jetpacks; beta date confirmed

Early this morning, many sites reported a leaked video from GNN of what appeared to be a trailer for the upcoming prequel to the Halo series, titled "Reach." At 5 AM PST, Bungie posted the same video on their site, confirming its authenticity. The video showcases Reach's multiplayer mode and some exciting new functionality.

The most notable inclusion in Reach is the ability to use jetpacks, which may flood old school gamers with memories of Tribes. Other new features include:

  • Assassination kills
  • Invasion mode
  • Hunter mode
  • Loadouts

According to Bungie, the multiplayer beta is set to hit Xbox LIVE on May 3rd. Owners of Halo 3: ODST who have an Xbox LIVE Gold Account will be able to gain access to it when it's made available. Reach will be the sixth installment in the Halo series. It will also be the last of the Halo games to be developed by Bungie. Future games in the series will be made by Microsoft subsidiary, 343 Industries. Reach is expected to be released sometime in Fall 2010.

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Oh that and the jetpacks. Jetpacks stopped being cool awhile ago. Tribes, then Section 8, then Global Agenda. As you can see, they're not special and do not add fun. Good additions? Sure. Ground-breaking? Hardly.

That trailer was so unexciting to me... maybe because it looked like the last couple of Halos. Yeah, that's probably it.

It will be interesting to see what 343 does with the Haloverse and even more interesting to see what Bungie does after their run with Halo is done.

Klethron said,
It will be interesting to see what 343 does with the Haloverse and even more interesting to see what Bungie does after their run with Halo is done.

The whole Bungie team is probably celebrating that they get to do something different for a change, although they're supposed to be working on something new and of their own IP at the moment.

Edited by Skittlebrau, Mar 4 2010, 3:53pm :

With Reach and FF XIII coming out, plus the countless hours already spent playing ME2 and MW2 I don't think i will get anything done this year.

I would like to see more campaign...especially after seeing the recent vidoc. Of course, multiplayer is where I will be wasting most of my time.

That looks awesome. Looks more fast paced than UT, and Tribes style jets... hell yes. This is looking to be much better than I thought.

I think I'll be in love when it comes out.

Looks very nice. Cannot wait for the Multiplayer beta! Wish it would come out sooner though.

It looks like Halo but doesn't feel like it. My brain is confused. Not sure whether to like or not.

Actually looks like it should be a blast to play. But some of those new ingredients should have already been included in previous Halo mutliplayer installments. But now it's a cool way to spice up the series I guess.