Hands-On: LG SmartTV CES 2011

This year LG unveiled their new line-up of SmartTV's, a built in application and gaming system built into your HDTV. The new line-up of LED back-lit HDTV's run LG's own software called SmartTV, a motion controller controlled software that allows you to browse and play games, applications including Hulu and Netflix and many other applications.

Neowin got a hands-on demo of the new SmartTV software to demonstrate the style of applications available on LG's new line-up of HDTV's.

If you just purchased a brand new HDTV and don't want to upgrade just yet, LG has a solution for that. LG is offering their SmartTV as an external unit that works on just about every HDTV. The small SmartTV box has an HDMI, USB 2.0 and ethernet port for quick connectivity.

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wow LG has really got their **** together in the last few years. In a world with new innovations every week and insane competitiveness, they seem to be on par or ahead of the game like the big guns of the industry.

i hope they get heaps of support for years to come.