Happy 9th Birthday Neowin!

It's that time of the year again, the 1st of October, where we can celebrate a successful 9 years online! I'm happy to announce that this past year has seen a vast improvement to our news reporting. In October last year we moved from mainly syndicated news, to original news and paid staff to realise this. As a result our footprint on the Internet has improved and we're now being quoted on many of our competitors in the field.

We are also working on a huge update to the site which will see the back-end (content management system) completely replaced by a new cleaner, leaner code written by our very own developers, the site theme will also be updated to "Atlas", you can view a preview of that here. We'll also be updating the forum software to the latest version of Invision Power Board, currently at version 3.0.3. This is expected to take place sometime this month, although the date has not yet been finalized. The current CMS was started in 2002 with James Tingle, which was the basis for his VirtuaNews (no longer exists) and saw many changes/updates along the way. Eventually we always had to move onto bigger & better things which is why we will be retiring that code this year.

Older themes
All of the older themes available on Neowin (Swift/Shift/Finity) will also be retired along with the update because our developers have decided to start from scratch with the IPB3 (forum software) code, which means we will be moving away from the continued code hacks that have enabled our boards to always look vastly different than the base install of IPB3. All of our hacks, like display names retaining their group colors throughout the boards will be moved over, no features will be dropped, but it will take too much time and effort to update the older themes to work on IPB3. Please do give us your feedback on the theme here, at the moment it seems this update has been well received.

Fixed vs Fluid Design
A lot of discussion has arisen over the site being made fixed over fluid. I just want to mention that this applies only to the news page, but not the forums, the forums will be completely fluid. We decided that the forums don't need to look exactly like the news page. The reason for having the design fixed on the news pages is so that we can account for the content much better. Everything simply fits in the main page and articles, including image and video content. The design accounted for this and was intentional.

Anyway, I'd like to says thanks for your continued support of Neowin, it makes me really happy to see members from 2001/2 still actively posting on the forums. You make the site what it is today and we all really appreciate that!

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It started when Windows 2000 was still the most common OS in use, and XP was just around the corner and in Beta, now we are awaiting the official release of Windows 7, what will happen with Windows in the next 9 years.

Happy Birthday Neowin. Sounds like there's some good ideas brewing for the next update to the site too. I can't wait to see it. The preview of the new design is very nice.

Just wanted to add my Happy Birthday to Neowin, congrats to all that make it possible and that enjoy coming here and using this great site. WoooHoooooo!

Still part of my daily routine is visiting this site for news and browsing the forums; been visiting for a good few years and even though I don't post much there is still a lot of info I take away from advice people have given to others on here. Happy Birthday Neowin!

9 Years of great info from great people. Happy birthday Neowin and big shout out to those who have propelled it to where it is now! Can only get better!

Happy birthday Neowin! Still one of the best tech news sites on the web, even with growth of other competitors. Please keep going strong!

Happy birthday Neowin Thanks for all the great times, informative news and riverting discussion. I'm looking forward to Ignition, IPB3 and the new theme very much.

Happy birthday neowin, but being perfectly honest since the last theme was implemented, I've stopped visiting the front page and this new theme looks to make things even worse. I do all my neowin news browsing via RSS because I can at least get much more information on screen.

Neowin forever! I have to say, I was really sad back then when Neowin shutdown for a short period of time. So glad you guys made it to 9 years and going strong!

Please never go away!

Wow 9. I've been a member for just about 5 years, and that's not including my lurking before that! Amazing!

9 years already, my how time flies. 9 years ago I joined Neowin. I was also well on my way to failing out of school. And look at me now! I live in a doorway and eat roaches for breakfast. Thanks Jeritol!

Happy Birthday Neowin !
I am from Argentina and i like to read this blog. There´s a lot of info that interest me!
Sorry for my english, its very poor to write, but i understand what you post :P

Don't be sorry for your English Sergio, your English is very good. Certainly much much better than my Argentinian (sp?).

Happy Birthday.

I can still remember the early days... when the articles were less polished and there was a section to keep Apple news away from my eyes.

Happy Birthday Neowin! I've been here for almost that long and have seen the site grow and change, and always for the better. Here's to many more years of unprofessional journalism!

happy birthday, great site man!
I almost visit the site at least 3 times a day, just today I visited it 5 times
now I can't live without it.
thank you Neowin!

Cheers Neowin! Now, how can I update my subscription to Subscriber2 level without waiting for Subscriber1 to expire?

Done, thanks. And can't wait for the new site! :)

Lastly is there any way to get rid of that Warn 0% or am I stuck with that for life? Was warned to 20% a few years back for a reason I cannot remember.

Indeed, but it's a constant reminder that I have been warned before. People that have never been warned don't show it at all do they?

TCLN Ryster said,
Indeed, but it's a constant reminder that I have been warned before. People that have never been warned don't show it at all do they?

Yes. Everyone and the staff sees their own warn meter no matter what level it's at.

Neobond said,
Warn 0% means you are being a good member ;)

I'm clipping along at a nice 80%. But 40% of that is from at least 6 months ago and was never removed :P