Happy Christmas!

From all the staff at Neowin.net we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

For those that celebrate it differently, we wish you all the best whatever your beliefs may be.

Here's hoping for an even better 2007 for everyone!

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Just as Neobond stated, Happy Holidays to all.

Although I hove love everyone here, I have to give a special holidays shout out to all of the members who are "normals" within the Gamers Forum. Thanks to you all for making my tiny existence here as a F-Mod always interesting, and that is to say the very least. :cheeky:

I truly wish nothing but a great and prosperous 2007 for all.

merry christmas but i was kinda disappointed that the website/forums were decorated accordingly. i usually love the holiday layout that the designers put together.

I don't believe in that much of anything other than some personal thoughts, but still celebrate christmas, just more into the family, food, drinks, and prezzies than what the christian prophets' take on this is. :D

So merry christmas

Quote - AltoidBox said @ #36.1
I think you're a few days late for that one...
Wrong. Christmas is on the day it is because it was originally the Winter Solstice

Quote - PureLegend said @ #36.2
Wrong. Christmas is on the day it is because it was originally the Winter Solstice :)

The Solstice was on the 22nd this year (source: wikipedia)... and IIRC it's always around the 21st/22nd of December.

Happy commercialized, capitalistic, pagan holiday that serves no purpose but to max out your credit cards and cause undo stress upon you!

Oh and Happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends, even though its over now And a Happy Kwanzaa as well, since that starts tomorrow! Did I forget anything??

In other words, Ba Humbug. ;)

Enjoy the celebration of Christ's birth even if he wasn't born on this day and if the Christians have taken over an old pagan festival (which may not be accurate).

Yeah same here, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all the staff and members at neowin. 2006 has been a really bad year for me and I hope 2007 will be brighter and more promissing than 2006. Although I got a FREE operating system from Microsoft which was a bonus.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Sigh...presents are all unwrapped, and I can feel my stress level dropping. Not that I'm a scrooge (well, kind of), but the entire gift giving and getting thing really stresses me out these days.

Quote - barneyt said @ #6
I wish everyone the very best this holiday season! May all your wishes come true!



I hope everyone stays happy and healthy

Without those 2 things...nothing else matters