Happy Sysadmin Day!

In a world where everyone is connected and people expect instant access to everything at any time, the demands on systems are higher now than ever before. That also means that the demands on the people who keep those systems updated and running is also at an all time high. The last Friday of every July is Sysadmin Day and is a way to raise awareness for those folks who are woken up at 2am to fix stuff so that you can have fun on the Internet.

Some find the day silly, but in a world where we have a holiday for pretty much everything (July 23rd was National Hotdog Day), it seems fitting that we'd have a day to say "thank you" to the people that keep our connected world afloat. How should you show your appreciation? A simple thank you is appreciated, but you can go further if you want: Buy a cake to celebrate, a cute desk toy from ThinkGeek, or anything else you can think of.

How do you think we should recognize Neowin's own sysadmins, Redmak and DaveLegg? Let us know your thoughts; Neobond promised that he'd take the best ideas and implement them immediately, so be as creative as you want!

To our readers who are Sysadmins themselves: Keep up the good work and thank you!

Source: Sysadminday.com | Image via quickmeme.com

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I wrote a minecraft plugin once and got op access as a result. Heck they gave me ftp and console too. Never happened again though.

This is a shout out to the sysadmins where I used to work:

To bad most of you didn't have a clue as to what you were doing! Now, go enjoy your day in your blocked off room!

My question to fellow members: What exactly is a System Administrator? (sysadmin)

Sometimes the definition includes the database administrator, the website administrator, etc.... sometimes it doesn't. My question is to for Neowin members to define exactly what a system administrator is...

Here are some ideas/clues/etc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_administrator

Good question. I consider anybody who does support and gets called to work on issues at crazy hours a sysadmin. So a DBA would definitely fall into that. A website admin may or may not -- if they just put content up during business hours, no. If they get called when someone attacks the webserver, then yes.

Cloud-based deployment has made unnecessary root access to set up application environments. Good sysadmins and developers know that.


Buy 2 bottles of good Scotch. Require the admins to keep one in the back of of a locked cabinet for an emergency. Enjoy the other with them.

Hussam Al-tayeb said,
I clicked on the Source Sysadminday.com link
and lol http://i.imgur.com/nHf0Cup.png

Yeah, I saw that shortly after the story was published and I laughed too. The people who run it must be busy driving around in their new cars they were given for the holiday! ;)

Mulsivaas said,
Very funny, but I almost puked because your Firefox theme has SCANLINES. Hey, early-2000 called, it wants its graphic design back.

I don't care for graphic design but under Linux, Firefox looks horrible. The oxygen gtk+2 theme doesn't help much with firefox under KDE (firefox's gtk+ emulation is horribly lacking in many areas. Firefox emulates the windows toolkit/gui/whatever a lot better.).
So personas help and I happen to like this one :)
Linux users would rather see native widgets than themed ones but this won't happen with firefox as long as XUL is used for the whole UI and not just extensions.
This actually looks better than how firefox looks without personas on a KDE desktop.

mmm...floating .png images on the site (or whatever the format is of images that move is?) anyway ..yeah floating .png images only for today that say something like happy sysadmin day. and then to users who are bothered by it a choice to not have it , cause I know some ppl will complain lol