Hard Drives: Under the Hood

On November 8th, Western Digital held an editor's day event that included surprisingly in-depth details about the inner workings of hard drives. In his article, "Hard Drives: Under the Hood," Loyd Case over at ExtremeTech provides us with a good primer on this often overlooked, yet essential, piece of technology. Loyd describes the nanotechnology behind the hard drive, what a disassembled hard drive looks like (and how the parts work together), and finally the "heart and soul" of the hard drive: the head stack.

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Very quick and informative overview of hard drives. Good read. I respect Western Digital more and more. Even though they're the "cheaper" hard drives compared to Seagate, I haven't had a single WD drive fail on me.

Wow, I never realized how complex they are. When you look at a hard drive, you don't think all that goes into play.

Its easy to see why hard drives are shock sensitive with the proximity to the read heads to the platters.

yep... i never realized how CLOSE those read heads are to the platters.... cause i knew they where fairly close but thats DAMN CLOSE. lol

worth the read it told me even more stuff i never knew about hard drives