Has your Office eXPired?

From the Windows Vista Team Blog, Nick White writes:

The other day I was wandering through Building 27 here on the MS campus and found that Michael Howard has a great little poster hanging on his office door. I thought you folks might be interested.

You can download the poster here (901KB).

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Bah, that's nothing... I have something much better, OfficeXP-free
Haven't touched that crap anymore since the first Office 2007 beta came out.

I've made a nice OfficeXP-free wallpaper (1280x1024) for those who feel the same.
For the "eXPired"-text, I've used a scrap metal look, which looks much better than the stamp stuff

That's a terrible, terrible pitch. When I first saw the poster I thought it came from Apple or Linux. "Certified XP free", to me, means that either there's no Windows XP (and since Vista isn't really in the market yet, that leaves Mac OS X or Linux) or there's no Office XP. But in the case of Office, calling your own product 'eXPired" when the 'XP' used to be part of the Microsoft 'eXPerience' will just confuse customers.

I'm waiting for someone to photochop that picture to replace the Vista crap at the bottom with something Linux flavored... :cheeky:

Windows XP was not bad for Microsoft for the past 5 years. They earned billions of dollars by selling it... And now because its become old and needs to be replaced (in Microsofts view) - its become bad ????

Ah...only less than a month left before I can put this sign up in my office. I've already got it printed out and ready to stick on the wall.

I personally think the poster is kinda nifty, although I won't be XP-Free for quite a while (and even then, I wouldn't put up a poster declaring it).