HD On-Demand Coming to Verizon's FiOS

With consumers buying high definition televisions in droves, the demand (no pun intended, really) for high definition video content has gone through the roof. After spending a decent chunk of change on these televisions, people simply want to take advantage of their purchase. While Sony and Toshiba are battling it out to quench the HD thirst via optical media, Verizon plans on taking a more practical approach through it's fiber optic internet and video service, FiOS.

In a recent interview, Verizon Chief Technology Officer Mark Wegleitner said the company has plans to combine HD video content and it's On-Demand service allowing FiOS customers to get their HD fix whenever they want. While no date was given for deployment, Wegleitner did say they were already testing the service in their labs.

Verizon's FiOS service is a big undertaking for the company. In an effort to get a leg up on other telecommunications companies that still rely on copper cabling, Verizon has dedicated over $18 billion to expanding their fiber optic network through 2010.

News source: cNet

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Not sure why this is news worthy. Comcast has been offering On-Demand for years already and it's nothing new.

As I write this I have what seems like a zillion flags on my front lawn marking all the underground utilities for Verizon to lay it's fiber for FIOS.

Hope they don't screw up anything when laying the fiber.

we are supose to have it in our area apparently, but if you call them they say its not, yet ad's all over the town it seems like... but we REALLY need non sat. competition for Comcast... they just told us this week they are cutting off HD service for us unless we pay more for it now it seems like.... it use to be free with service under Adelphia then for the past 6 months under Comcast

FiOS is in my area. I get letters and calls all the time asking if we want to switch. We said yes and then found out it isn't available. WTF? What's the point of asking me if I want it if it is not available. I guess they just wanted to see that if it was available then would we be interested I guess.