Hellgate: London - Multiplayer To Have Monthly Fee

Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper dropped a bombshell (well, for those of us not expecting it) at CES recently that the multiplayer portion of their upcoming Diablo-ish FPS/RPG Hellgate: London will be subscription based. Now that came out of left field. So according to Mr. Roper the game will offer a free trial of some sort, and maybe even some sort of limited free play. And there will be a beta test of the service before the game launches. Mr. Roper states quite plainly that Flagship considers Hellgate an MMORPG, with a full guild system in place, continually added content and raiding and other such MMORPG-ish activities.

Of course, the Hellgate MMORPG is a Guild Wars like instanced affair apparently, so expect small groups of players together in instances. There will be some sort of PvP available, but he did not make it clear what it would be The main point of the game is grouping, and PvE content. Of course, just like the singleplayer portion of the game, dynamically generated areas and items will be keeping things fresh, while a dedicated team of workers will add new content to the game. There will also be a "hardcore" mode, probably similar to the one found in Diablo II.

So now begins the discussion of what makes a game an MMORPG. Does Hellgate: London fit the usual criteria of an MMORPG? If the multiplayer portion of the game is $5 a month, will you pay for it? If it is $15 a month, will you pay for it? Please, give us your opinions.

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If this has free lan support, I'll vpn to my friend's computer and play fake multiplayer, juste like in D2 with IP to IP multiplayer.

MMORPG with single player mode ? Don't make me laugh

total disappointment...

I can't stand "pay-to-play" development models... as it is, I do support WOW, but how many subscription based games can you play? 15 USD / month does add up after two titles or more.

I'm a die-hard Blizzard fan, and I know that Flagship Studios was formed by some very important ex-Blizzard employees, but I doubt I'll buy this game anymore. The developers obviously kept this under wraps to make sure that it didn't negatively impact their game's reputation before it had a chance to solidify, but now that they are hyped to the max... I guess they figure "who cares?"

Nothing against Monthly fees for proper MMORPG games, Diablo in 3D with guilds does not make a MMORPG. There's a reason GW is free, it's simply not worth it, compared to what is offered by the proper MMORPGs.

I woudl expect them to have to drop their monthly fee plan within a few months when they realize the utter failure it will bring. hopefully spoiled tween and teen brats won't be paying for the monthly fee just because their parents pay, and making the fees viable for too long.

Well going by the success EA are having with "booster packs". The fees will be likely staying for good.

I hope this doesn't give ideas to other publishers and developers. I pay enough for my XBox Live, WoW and Wii content as it is!