Help beta test the 1.20 patch for Battlefield 2142

The Beta of the 1.20 Patch will be available for public testing beginning Friday February 2nd. In this update we have addressed many issues including:

  • Fix for Squad Leader Spawn Beacon CTD
  • Fix for Titan core exploits
  • Code of conduct enforcement enhancements. Players who are found in violation of EA/DICE Rules of Combat will have their account banned
  • Adjusted Static AV cross hair alignment to improve accuracy
  • Added server side option to disable Titan movement.
The download isn't available quite yet, but it should be made available sometime later this afternoon. Also note, you will be able to play on ranked servers using this beta patch. So yes, you can help beta test the next set of fixes for DICE's popular Sci-Fi themed Battlefield game, and get your ranked play in as well.

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this is bogus, the titan core exploits have been in the game how long? and they are just now getting around to fixing it, give me a break, I'm glad I don't play this game anymore.

hmm, maybe they shopuld create a wonder patch to remove a-holes from servers :p

but serially :p, they should stop using the beta test idea as an excuse to take their time fixing an incomplete game.