Here are some early Apple computer designs

Once upon a time, Apple was a new player in the computer market, delivering their first mass-produced computer in the late 1970s. Come the 1980s and Apple were looking to expand their horizons into markets other than just desktop computers, which is where the designs of Hartmut Esslinger come in to play. Esslinger designed a number of prototypes and concepts for Apple products during the 80s, including computers, laptops and tablets.

Some of the concept computers below look strange and unlike products you'd actually expect to see on the market, but it's an interesting look into early designs that were potentially considered for actual Apple products.

"Sony Style" Apple desktop PC concept of 1982

"Baby Mac" of 1985

Apple "Macintosh Studies" of 1982

Apple MacBook design of 1982

"Flat Screen Workstation" design from 1982

An Apple "Tablet Mac" design from 1982

Apple "MacPhone" design from 1984

More photos can be seen over a Designboom, who recently interviewed Esslinger about his computer design work of the 1980s. Even more content will naturally found in Esslingers new book Design Forward, which explores his industrial design and collaborations with Steve Jobs.

Source and Images: Designboom

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You can defiantly see the influence the Xerox line up had in the top one (The elongated monitor) and the keyboard design....... though the Baby Mac is the one that looks great.

Yes actually that is the Mother Board and the hard drive Hey that just ask anyone who used to work in an IBM mainframe and they will tell you that is small.

One would also have to note- the system had a kind of reel backup on top of it.

Interesting that they were looking pretty far ahead in the world of computing even before desktop PCs really hit the market. Take the flat screen mac idea, or the one with the stylus, most of that tech didn't hit the market for another 8 or so years.

Arthax said,
All while M$ were busy trying to make a nerfed copy of a Unix shell

And succeeded making them a bigger technology company than Apple.

Your point is?

The point is MS is not a bigger technology company than Apple - just check their market capitalization.

pes2013 said,

And succeeded making them a bigger technology company than Apple.

Your point is?

Well those designs actually look like a lot of the stuff they actually put on the market in the 80s/90s. I'd say their older computers looked more inviting than the cold stuff they're putting out today.

virtorio said,
O-M-G an Apple article - LETS BITCH ABOUT IT!!!!

This. Trolls can't help themselves anymore, and there are a plentiful amount here. No wonder I'm visiting less and less.

The Baby Mac actually looks very good! It's what you would call WAY ahead of it's time!

The tablet mac is actually pretty thin considering.

I wish there was a device like the MacPhone today! I dislike having to type and then print a coversheet in Word before sending a fax (yes, I still send faxes (occasionally) at work). Love the hand-piece design!

Yep! I wanted to own a Macintosh IIs when I was in college in the 90s but the price was just out of reach for me. So, I became a PC geek instead (& building PCs replaced my photography hobby)...