Here is how to download the Xbox One 'day one' patch to a USB drive [Update: Not anymore]

Update: Microsoft has now removed the download links to the support page for the "Day One" Xbox One update. According to a statement from Microsoft sent to XboxOneDaily, "The site was not an alternative way to take the Day One update and customers still need to connect to Xbox Live for the update. Because of the complexity of this customer support process we’ve actually removed the page and we will work with customers directly to make sure they have a smooth experience."

Original Story: As we have previously reported, anyone who buys the Xbox One on launch day will have to install a "Day One" patch to enable all of the features. However, it's also likely that there will be lots of people downloading that "Day One" patch from Microsoft's servers at the same time, and as a result there could be delays in obtaining the update.

Microsoft has now offered a way for Xbox One owners to download the "Day One" patch ahead the launch. A Microsoft support page has the details on what Microsoft is calling its "emergency offline update", in case owners are unable to connect their new consoles to Xbox Live.

The process has three steps. In very basic terms, the first step is to find out which version of the Xbox One OS is installed on your console. The second step is to download the "Day One" update to a PC (download links are available on the support page) and place that update on a USB flash drive that has 2GB of free storage and has been formatted to NTFS. Finally, the third step is to connect the flash drive to one of the Xbox One's USB ports and follow the steps to install the update.

This is welcome news for anyone who knows they will be getting an Xbox One on launch day and we highly recommend those people to take advantage of this opportunity.

Source: Microsoft via Joystiq | Image via Microsoft

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scumdogmillionaire said,
I've got the files but am going to try via online first. I trust Microsoft's capacity to handle this traffic than Sony. I'm sure it will be fine.

Microsoft stated that they have some 300K dedicated servers for handling various XBox One chores, with this being one of them I believe. Plus Microsoft has built a pretty good cloud platform, Azure. I'm very sure they can handle the load without much, if any, issues in the download department.

Hopefully they fix the channel selection thing... If you say "Xbox watch espn2" it will just put on "ESPN"

scumdogmillionaire said,
Does it work if you say "Xbox, watch ESPN The Ocho" ?

hahahahahah ....

Xbox, remember the 5 D's of dodgeball!

Just connect online to download the patch if you can't connect online to download the patch I lol'd. Either way I downloaded both just to be safe.

Nevermind. Didnt read enough info in the source. Downloading both update versions now. Amazon just billed me for my X1 so should be getting it Friday.

scumdogmillionaire said,
So based on that most of us will need the 6.2.9781.0(xb_rel_flash1307.130829-1800) file...?

6.2.9781.0 is what the X1 is shipped with.

Well that's not overly clear on their site.

3.You'll need to select the correct OS version to be able to install properly.
◦6.2.10210.0(xb_rel_launch 131118-1159)

So it seems like you download the files which matches the version you HAVE, yes? That's how I read it. Meaning most of us will need the top one.

timster said,

6.2.9781.0 is what the X1 is shipped with.

Unless you're in the Xbox team group and in the know, it is also possible some units manufactured earlier shipped with one version and units manufactured later got a slightly updated version. The company didn't start putting these together yesterday. Although as you pointed out on ( it looks like one is RTM and the other the D1 update. We'll soon know! C'mon UPS...

I don't get the point of this since you won't know what version of the Xbox One you have until you already have it running, and then you might as well just download the patch with the XB1.

Better safe than sorry. No telling how servers can react on a launch day, or worse yet: updating, getting an "update failed" message, and having to re-download.

dead.cell said,
Better safe than sorry. No telling how servers can react on a launch day, or worse yet: updating, getting an "update failed" message, and having to re-download.

But... but... Microsoft's servers never have problems! /s

Wait, so it supports flash drives but not external hard drives just yet?

Wonder what the limitation on that is or how that works, unless it just cannot be used for storing games at the moment. I'm curious now.