Here's what VLC for Windows Phone looks like

One of the most exciting apps coming to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, is VLC Media Player. Its been a really long time in development, and has had a lot of support from the user community. The good news is that a major update is coming very soon.

VLC has been available on Windows PCs as a modern app for some time now but it’s been tied to its beta tag. However, a major update is inbound and will probably arrive next week.

The update features improvements across the board as much of the app’s code has been re-written and streamlined. Users will supposedly see a lot better performance as well greater stability and improved features.

However, this will come at a cost in that Windows 8 will no longer be supported. As Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade they’re expected to run the latest version of the OS if they want to use the modern VLC app.

Windows Phone and RT

Now this is where things get even more interesting. We know an RT version of VLC has been in the works for some time now. Unfortunately it’s not there yet, mainly due to problems with the ARM compiler. But when it does launch it will also benefit from all of the improvements mentioned above.

Finally, we found out while ago that VLC for Windows Phone was indeed coming at some point in the near future. The current build features some of the same problems as the RT one, in that the ARM compiler is proving troublesome.

What’s interesting is that all three apps have been essentially re-written as a Universal App, sharing 90% of the code between them. This looks to be a great implementation of Microsoft’s Universal App model, and it will hopefully lead to better performance and timely updates for all platforms.

Source and Images: Thomas Nigro | Thanks to our user ians18 for the tip!

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Would be great to see something released this week. I have so low expectations, that even the sh#ttiest bug-ware could not disappoint me anymore. I am not angry anymore, just sad about the previous 18 months.

This is good news. My VLC foe Windows 8 worked for a couple of days and started crazing every time I opened it. Hope the update works without a glitch.
For WP8, hopes I receives my L630 in time to try it.

I needed this a year ago when I wanted to watch MKV files but the default player didn't support them.
Now I don't need it because I don't bother watching MKV files on my mobile devices.

Kinda reminds me of another game addon that has been over 10 years in the making. Kinda got bored of waiting.

Still use it on W7 though.

Since I'm always on the go, watching thru Lumia 1020 is not bad at all. Also tried watching on Lumia 1520/1320 when I trialed those devices, really good :)

Dont watch videos on my phone, even my new 930 couldn't make me. Although since this is universal, put this on XB1 now.

I hope this one is better than the Windows 8 app which is buggy and unstable. I can understand that it must have been very difficult developing a metro app but timely updates to the app would be nice.

Not sure on the difficulty, as there are very capable video players in the store.
My guess is all the non-allowed calls VLC is making, and need rewrites.

Most of the video apps work just fine, I only need the additional embedded soft subs support. I don't care which player will implement that, as long as it works.

That's basically my frustration with MoliPro player. It won't show the subs all the time (even after you toggle it on/off); so I have to go back to my laptop to watch animes.

I hope the Windows Phone version will have the ability too, to fire up the volume just like the native desktop application. While I have it on my Windows 8 laptop, I'm still using the native app because the Windows 8 app is still too buggy.

It'll be sweet to watch my anime on my WP. Right now, i'm using MoliPro on my WP since it 's able to play almost known file type out there plus able to toggle on/off the subtitles.