Here's how to find out when your Nokia Lumia will get Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft announced today that it is beginning the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 to its Nokia devices worldwide, which will include the Lumia Cyan firmware, bringing unique improvements and customizations specific to these handsets. 

The company said that the update "will be available for all Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices in the coming weeks." Of course, that means that if you're still using Windows Phone 7.8, your handset won't be updated - although given that it's been two years since Microsoft dead-ended that generation of devices, you should be used to that by now. 

But if you've got a Windows Phone 8 Lumia handset, when can you expect to receive the update? As with its previous updates, Nokia has provided a handy page detailing when every one of its WP8 devices around the world will receive Windows Phone 8.1 and Cyan. 

Handsets are grouped by region and nation, with individual variants - such as unlocked and carrier-specific models - each listed with the availability status of the update. Most devices still list the update as 'under testing'; when this changes to 'available', you will be able to download and install 8.1 and Cyan on to your Lumia handset. 

The same page also includes information on installing the update. Microsoft advises that you will need at least 1.5GB of free space on your device to "ensure that your software update will go smoothly."

Source: Microsoft/Nokia

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finding link in article.... hard it is for some.....

But.... upgraded L625 to CV over here (NL), only GMail gave me an error afterwards, fixed that real quick after a search. I also had to login again in most services. Logical I guess with all the new apps.

Doesn't feel faster, but the NC is a nice touch.
Transparant tiles are way to 'in your face' for me. Maybe with images that aren't very detailled it might be a nice touch.
New Calender is nice(r), but probably keep using Chronos.
Not sure on the extra row of Tiles, on my screen the smallest Tiles become very... well.... small ;-)
After the 8.1 upgrade, it also updated appr. 20 apps, and in Drive+ it redid all my maps.

A quick look in my Data Sense shows appr. 1.7Gb was transferred in the process. LOL!

Dutchie64 said,
finding link in article.... hard it is for some.....

Finding problem in article and article's title, hard it is for some....
The link doesn't give dates for WHEN the upgrade is coming. It just states "under testing" without any date, and therefore contrary to what you expect if you read the tile.

Dutchie64 said,
it doesn't give you an -exact- date, but you can see if it's available or not ;-P

Well, not giving any date at all does I suppose fall within "not giving an exact date" but that way of putting it is not really facing up to the problem!
I already know that my update is coming, eventually, but when I saw the article's title I thought it would tell me when, so I could stop checking every so often. And it doesn't. :-P

OK, read the page all wrong...forget that. Hasn't updated yet, it's under testing...latest version was referring to Lumia Black. That page is quite obscure and confusing, to be honest.

Mine was updated while i was sleeping literally...not sure how but it shows the correct firmware version. I can't tell any difference (Lumia 1520)

Yay. I thought my Lumia 810 wouldn't get the update, but it actually is according to the link Neowin posted. Now if only I could get rid of the 4GB of "other" space used by the phone (out of my 8GB internal storage...

I'm on the 8.1 dev preview, and I have just got the notice that there is an update available for me. Lumia 625 T-Mobile/EE UK

Need to clear some space before I can do the update.

Edited by FiB3R, Jul 15 2014, 6:22pm :

Change the article's title please, it's just plain untrue. Site does not say when.

Appreciate the strapline here refers to "unprofessional journalism" but I always read that as just laddish and tongue in cheek. Not a licence to mislead!

Nokia/Microsoft both said 8.1 would be available to every device. BUT Tmobile seems to have completely dropped the 810. This is one of the reasons I hate when carriers request specific models for them, it allows them to pick and choose too easily.

Ive got the 810 with the DP now, will I still be able to get 8.1 just with out the cyan update?

wv@gt said,

Ive got the 810 with the DP now, will I still be able to get 8.1 just with out the cyan update?

If you're on the DP, you've already got 8.1, minus the cyan firmware.

Well according to the link Neowin posted, the 810 will get the Nokia Cyan update with 8.1. I'm pretty happy they came to their senses.

Thats just Windows Phone 8 I believe not 8.1, maybe Im wrong. However under that chart for Lumia Cyan it says Not Available for the 810. Others on WPCentral are confirming this as well

The more I read about how 8.1 "is available now" and "when you will get it" the more I'm glad I finally took the plunge on the Developer Preview route.

I know when I'm getting 8.1. Last Sunday!

Under testing = undergoing final testing with Microsoft, country or operator to achieve approval.

But I agree, I wish it gave an ETA or at least specified WHO is testing it at this point.

Kravex said,
If "under testing" is the carrier adding their stuff into it, why is my unlocked version "under testing" ??

I take that back, 625 available worldwide now!!!