Here's how to use an Xbox One controller with your PC

Microsoft launched its next generation Xbox One nearly four months ago and had announced that its USB controller would work with PCs but has not yet provided the drivers for users who wish to use it for PC gaming.

Now, an enthusiastic Xbox One user, Lucas Assis, has provided instructions and a personally developed application to use the controller with a Windows PC. The third-party solution spotted by PC Gamer, includes a generic USB driver, controller emulating software vJoy, libusb, and Lucas' application which supports up to 16 controllers.

The entire package can be downloaded from here (Mirrors: OneDrive, Mega) before following the instructions provided in the video below

Source: YouTube via PC Gamer

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Nope, just a micro USB cable. Unlike the 360 when you connect the cable to an Xbox One controller it actually then uses it to send the controller input rather than just receiving power, and the connector is a standard uUSB.