Hipstamatic Oggl Windows Phone 8 app launched for Instagram photo uploads

Facebook has still not signed off on an official Instagram app for Windows Phone 8, despite the fact that Nokia has been campaigning publicly to get the app released for Microsoft's mobile operating system. Today, owners of Windows Phone 8 smartphone got a solid substitute as developer Hipstamatic has released two versions of its Oggl app for Windows Phone 8.

As mentioned on the Windows Phone blog, there are two versions of the app: one for Windows Phone 8 and another, the PRO version, made just for the Nokia Lumia 1020, which went on sale today in the U.S. It's getting a lot of hype from Windows Phone leader Joe Belifore on his Twitter account today:

Besides Instagram, photos filtered with the Oggl apps can also be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and Hipstamatic's own online community accounts. The PRO version works with the camera on the Lumia 1020 to add features such as manual exposure support, tap to focus, controlling the white balance, ISO and shutter speed and more.

Microsoft's blog says that the free version of the Oggl apps come with five preset lenses and films. However, people who download the Oggl apps and sign up for a free Hipstamatic account by Aug. 9 will be able to unlock all of the app's filters and effects for 60 days. After that, you can keep using those effects for the price of $2.99 for three months or $9.99 for 12 months.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Hipstamatic

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Ok, not very impressed with this one. Instance is simple and easy. Camera360 has nice filters if you want pre-edit for Instance. This one just feels too bloated and not very intuitive. Sticking with Instance for now.

yeah not going to be downloading that one. kinda stupid to have a subscription service to use extra filters, seams weird, i will stay with instance. I also agree that only working on 1Gb devices is kinda crappy for a lot of people.

It'd be awesome if you could browse libraries and all that, but simply uploading photos isn't all that big of a feature with all the other Instagram clients out there.

If high end games such as Asphalt Heat can work flawlessly with just 512MB of RAM, a simple app such as this requiring a minimum of 1GB to run is nothing but laziness on the developers part.