Hitachi Aims To Beat Seagate To Market With 1TB HDD

A day after rival Seagate Technology announced plans to ship a 1-Tbyte hard drive in the first half of this year, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies said it would release its first 1-Tbyte drive within three months. Hitachi said Friday that at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it will demonstrate the 1-Tbyte Deskstar 7K1000 drive, slated to ship in the first quarter and carry a street price of $399. Hitachi also said it would ship a CinemaStar version of the drive that's optimized for digital video recorder (DVR) applications.

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News source: CRN

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Exactly! If you're going for a hard drive that big, you really should run it in RAID1 or RAID5, since it's not so easy to backup 1TB of data right now.

Has to be cheap these days, or the hd market will die again. lol
So how do ya optimize an hd for dvr software? hmmm Newest marketing gimmicks rule!