Hitachi Ships 1TB Hard Disk Drive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has started to ship its 1TB hard disk drives which were commercially introduced early this year. Hitachi's Deskstar 7K1000 HDS721010KLA330 model features five 200GB platters and ten heads, has a 7200RPM motor as well as a 32MB data buffer. The manufacturer claims that the drive has a 8.5ms read seek time, a 9.2ms write seek time and 1070Mb/s (133.75MB/s) maximum media transfer rate. Currently the company ships 1TB hard disk drive that use the Serial ATA-300 interface, but a model with Parallel ATA interface is also expected to be available.

Hitachi's 1TB hard disk drive indisputably represents a milestone in desktop storage, as the 1GB landmark in desktops was achieved back in 1995. As with many top-of-the-line purchases, end-users will have to pay a significant premium for 1TB on a single drive. Currently Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 hard disk drives are available in Japan for ¥51 500 - ¥55980 ($433 - $470), much higher compared to Seagate Barracuda 750GB, which retails for ¥29400 - ¥39660 ($247 - $333) in Tokyo. The recommended price of the 1TB drive from Hitachi for the U.S. is $399, whereas Seagate's 750GB product costs starting from $249 in the country.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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It just is Marketing.
They have been able to get away with it till now so they will continue with the smoke and mirrors.
Sales people seem to abhore and fear one thing outside of the IRS, truth in advertising.
Untill someone legislates (yeah, that wil happen in the states *eyes roll*) it is buyer beware, as always.

As to the TB drives themselves, its only 5 platters, I have worked with the old server SCSI drives with up to 10 platters or more and they were just as reliable if not more so than the IDE units at the time.

I will wait till the competition comes out and they start dukeing it out over pricing, then I may buy a RAIDs worth and double my archive storage capacity. My old RAID 5s are still good enough for me for the moment (200GB*4 + 350GB*4 = ~ 1.5TB) ^_-

1TB as drive manufacturers specify (base10), is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. converting this to the GB that OS's refer to (base2) gives only 931.3 GB. Thats before formatting.
You can find this out the hard way if you have a "1GB" flash drive and try to put a 1GB file (eg a movie download) on it and it doesn't fit. Its bad marketing.

Meh, I enjoy the hell out of my 500GB WD external drive. I like the fact that I can move it to where I need it easily. Besides, $150 for one isn't much at all.


So why is my laptop still limitted to like 100gb? (At 7200rpm. I know there are 160gb drives at 5400, but they don't count.)

this will be awesome once price drops (i know, that's a long ways off).. i need some single drives that are huge to act as backups for my fileservers.. 3 of these will do nicely..

i hope this brings the price of 750GB models down a bit because i'd love to stop investing in the 500GB drives and get something bigger.. having multiple servers with 6-8 drives in each creates a bit of heat if not cooled correctly..

sweet, now I can actually back up every computer I own onto one drive (barely). I think when I get the money (won't be too many months from now) I'll probably be replacing all my server's drives with these...5tb of storage in one machine...would be nice. That amount would make me feel a bit bad about not using it to host people's websites on though...

xMorpheousx416 said,
and just what are you trying to say huh? :D'd only take 10 of those to store what I have left..... :nuts:

I know some who would fit on an old 1.44 meg floopy.

Nice, and I'm still on 80GB drive *sigh*. I hope to be moving to a 300GB drive soon, and TB storage in raid cause I'm saving up for a new PC.

so is there any word as to when we might be able to set our hand on one of these delightful drives. perhaps either a Date or a place to order one of these.

All i know is that the moment these puppies are on Newegg I have to order 8 for the drive based backup machine I am building. Management wants access to backups fast and tapes can be a real pain.