'Hitman Absolution,' 'Deadlight' will be April's free Xbox Live Gold games

April will be the first full month of spring, and will also bring two more free downloadable games for Xbox 360 owners who are signed up for the paid Xbox Live Gold service. From April 1-15, the free game will be the third-person shooter "Hitman Absolution," followed by "Deadlight" for the remainder of the month.

Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced April's games on his website, pointing out that the game, from developer Io Interactive and publisher Square Enix, is normally priced at $19.99 from the Xbox Games on Demand service. First released in November 2012, it is the fifth game in the series featuring the "hitman" of the title, the bar-coded assassin Agent 47.

From April 16-30, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download Deadlight for free. The game, which normally costs $14.99, comes from developer Tequila Works and publisher Microsoft Studios. First released in August 2012, the game is a side-scrolling action title of a man tries to fight off zombies in a post-apocalypse Seattle.

Recently, Phi Spencer, who was just named as the new overall head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, said that he was looking to make improvements in the Games for Gold program, which might include more recent games as part of the free downloads. Xbox One owners are also supposed to get free games as part of the program at some point in the future.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Square Enix

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Damn, already got these on Steam. Oh well, at least Games with Gold is getting better with more recent games being given away; can't knock that.

I surely hope the games are gonna get better. Hitman looks cool, was gonna buy it, but now it's gonna be free :) Another one to tick off my Amazon wish list!

I don't understand the whiners about XBOne and free games. The thing hasn't been out 6 months, they're still making money on the few games out for it, they'd start making losses if they were given free. The 360 is nearly ten years old and has a MASSIVE games library, a scheme like GwG is viable on it.

I'd give XBOne another three years at least to get some games out for it, then when the older games stop selling or become Platinum, give them away ;)