HL2: Episode Two, Portal, TF2 all slip

Looks like we've all got to wait a little bit longer....

From the article:

Valve's Doug Lombardi told CVG today that Half-Life 2: Episode Two's release has slipped from Q1 2007 back to summer 2007. Lombardi told us that the super developer is "now targeting summer 2007" for a release. This obviously affects Team Fortress 2 and Portal, which all form part of mouth-watering Episode Two package.

The title was originally expected to hit at the end of 2006, with Valve confirming back in August it had changed its mind and was instead gunning for Q1 2007, maybe February.

The reason for the further delay to summer 2007 hasn't been given, but we imagine it's simply the case of Episode Two, TF2 and Portal being massive, and requiring extra development time.

News source: CVG

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Seems episodes doesnt help them push games out faster does it...Really its proven to be no faster than retail expansion packs and every episodic game so far has been riddled with delays.

You could basically say that.

Really episodic content hasn't proven to have any tangible advantages over the traditional expansion pack...thats all they really are currently anyway besides the fact they flow on from one another. They certainly aren't getting released in a more timely fashion than expansion packs with close to 12 months between each episode currently.

My other concern is if they cant release these episodes fast enough franchises that go purely episodic are going to struggle to get a foothold. HL2 had the full HL2 to set it up and that helped. Would HL2 have been anywhere near as impressive if it was a 6 hour game then you had to wait 12 months for the next bit? I think you would really struggle to establish a story in a 6 hr game in such a manner that people are willing to wait 9 months for the next 6 hours of gameplay.

Take sin episodes for example. I have NFI whats happened to that. It's in development for all I know but in the 6 or so hours of gameplay in that title they struggled to actually devliver enough story and the game felt rushed as a result. I assume sins next episode will be a year+ from the original episode too seeing as it hasnt really been talked alot at all.

I duno, its a concept that needs to be tweaked. People will/did buy HL ep1 based on the fact HL2 was so brilliant. Had we not had hl2 and had skipped straight to HLep1 I'd be suprised if people would be anywhere near as excited about getting HLep2 as they are because lets face it, while it was ok you did feel a bit let down when it ended so prematurely.

Perhaps the solution is to approach this how they have with guild wars and have two seperate teams producing the expansion packs with certain team members working on both. Alot of the art, models ect could be sharred to cut back and with a full time author as a staff member they should be able to maintain the story pretty decently as long as they dont try and change it mid way which would hurt the 2nd team. Granted Guild Wars factions wasnt as good as the first but that doesnt mean that the two teams couldnt both pull quality products, especially if they have people crossing over and the main men manage both. AT least with GW they actually did get two fully fledged expansions out in the year more or less.

It's a fecking episode not a full release game like HL2 and they themselves said most of episode 2 was done during the making of episode 1. So it looks like the 2 other games are pushing things back just for the sake of it.

Valve claimed that episodic content would cut down on development time and make things easier for them to get games out on time. Originally stated that they wanted 2 episodes out a year, looks like that ain't happening. All because they wanted to give us a little more bang for our money, i can not argue with that due to the price tag but it's stopping the progress of the main story that we re all waiting for.

Hopefully they will do what they did with Day Of Defeat Source and just release portal/TF2 at a later date or depending on what game is giving them the hardship, release at least one title before the rest of the pack just so we can play something as i find it hard to believe that all 3 games are giving them problems in development.

Valve has turned into EA Online... They're overcharging for their games and gobbing heaps of other publishers' products onto Steam. So much for them... :P

Overcharging? I paid less than £!0 for HL2:Episode 1, any other PC expansion I've bought has cost at least £20 at launch. I agree this delay sucks arse, but despite said delays, Valve has managed to always pull out a really high quality game in the end.

The goal of Valve using "episodic content" was that they would be able to release their products more quickly (at one point, a magazine quoted them as saying something along the lines of offering a new episode every 3 months). Looks like thats a big flop. I know they're working on 3 somewhat major products at once, but maybe they should focus on just one for the time being if this is going to be the result.

really blows a hole in Valve's assertion that games should be released every 6 months in chapters, instead of taking over a year. Now it's going to be over a year from Episode 1 to Episode 2. Valve is up to their old lame tricks I see.

Heh, sucks to all you hemispherically challenged. It will still be summer where I am in Jan 2007, so I guess we'll get it first :)

Unless - surely it isn't possible that the article writer doesn't know the Earth is round?!

Nope, it's been pushed to summer 2007 in North America (i.e. if you live in Australia/New Zealand that will make it winter 2007 etc) and then other countries will get it the same time or not long afterwards.

"and then other countries will get it the same time or not long afterwards."

It's published on steam so its basically going to be a universal release regardless of where you are.

I remember reading a quote from Valve about the episodic games, that instead of taking 6 years to deliver a new game, they can do it every 6 - 10 months (verbatim).

Now, granted, HL2 took 6 or so years to make. But they weren't just making HL2. They were making this little thing called the Source engine. The engine is made. Make a full fledged sequel that won't take 4 hours to beat. Oh, and it won't take you 6 years, so please don't hand us that excuse.

Nevertheless, I'm still excited about all three of the games. I didn't realize they delayed it the first time. Bummer, I told my wife the other day how much I was looking forward to playing it.

I'm hoping this delay is because of all the issues the Source engine is having (looping sound crash etc) as a suffer of almost all of them I'd be more then happy to wait longer if the reason for the delay was to spend time ironing out these issues. However, I get the feeling that these errors will most likely carry onto Ep2

But... they are also bringing improved graphics to the table with Ep 2. I'm sure that this, in part, is also causing the delay. If it was just replacing content, it shouldn't take as long. Making engine changes takes extra time.

They're also planning to release HL2, ep1, ep2, tf2 and portal on 1 disc for the xbox 360...wonder if they're having problems porting...

where's TF2!!!! arghhhhhhhh. I've had it with cs:s, need something different. TF was soooo much fun. I wanna play it in source engine!!! come on!!!!!!!!

Valve has a history of being late. Name one single game they released on time. I guess they need more time to milk EP1 for XB360 before releasing other chapters.

I agree they dont owe us anything you people can be glad we have services like this im so sick of hearing how krap valve is.... i think valve is one of the best game services around nothing can come near source. iv never had a problem with any content, that iv gotten from steam, the support is there and if there is a problem it gets fixed what more do you guys want.

The EP2 is coming so stick around and be patient.


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