¡Hola iTunes! Apple launches iTunes music store in Mexico

Apple announced Tuesday the official launch of the iTunes Music Store in Mexico. The store launches with a full catalog of several million songs priced at 12 pesos ($0.91) with most albums priced at 120 pesos ($9). Gift cards will also be available at several Mexican retailers in denominations of 200 ($15), 300 ($23), and 600 pesos ($45).

The store comes over six years after the original launch of the iTunes Music store in the United States. All tracks, like in the US and abroad, are DRM free, available in iTunes Plus+ AAC format encoded at 256kbps. "The iTunes Store in Mexico is off to a great start with music from all of the majors and hundreds of indie labels," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of Internet Services.

The store also features Music Videos, priced at just 24 pesos ($1.80). Music is available from all major record labels including several independent artists and labels. Podcasts are also available featuring several mexican shows such as Televisa, MVS Televisión and Grupo Reforma. Notably missing from the store are TV shows and feature-length movies which are still unavailable in most international countries. Most interestingly, iPhone owners in Mexico have had access to only the iTunes App Store since the iPhone 3G launch last year. Mexico now becomes the first and only Latin American country thus far with an iTunes Music Store.

The store officially launched on August 4, 2009 and interested users can find more information at http://www.itunes.com/mexico.

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I think it's pretty great.

What my friends and I had to do was to bring back some $600-800 USD worth of iTunes cards for everyone whenever one of us went to the US. There definitely are many people in Mexico who can and are willing to pay on the iTunes store. I think Apple will do well.

Why someone would buy a song for 1 USD when you can buy a whole cd here for that price... pirated that is.
Poverty here is really bad. I believe they reported that 50% of the people here live in poverty. So yeah ITunes here in mexico is doomed to fail.

In Mexico even the richest people pirates everything, from mp3s to software, they who can afford anything! I think it's kind of a 'law' : "the more you have, the more you want"as a result "the more you have, the less you spend"

So, I'm agree, iTunes Mexico is going to bankrupt!

techbeck said,
Doesnt Mexico have enough problems....

I don't know about data plans on US but here the only iPhone carrier (Telcel) offers "unlimited" data plans but if you exceed 3gb of bandwidth within your monthly period, the bandwidth will be cripple to 128kbps...and then reset to full speed at the end of the month.

Not only iPhone plans, but all data plans. It sucks.

Also, to give you an idea of the prices in this article, the minimum wage (earned by more than 60 million people according to the latest official statistics) is about $52-$58 pesos a day (not an hour) ($3.85 USD).

So, more than half of our population can't even afford to buy a complete album from the new iTunes store.

Talking about problems...