Holiday Desktop

Stardock has released a free "Holiday Desktop" theme. This theme includes everything the user needs to seamlessly change the complete look and feel of Windows XP.

This suite shows off the power of Stardock's Object Desktop, which allows users to completely customize the look, feel and function of Windows. Once the holidays are over, a user can simply turn it off and return their system to its pre-holiday look and feel.

The suite includes a visual style that changes the Windows XP user interface, a wallpaper, a set of icons, a calendar, and other goodies.

It uses the same technology that companies such as Alienware, Microsoft, nVidia, ATI, Nintendo and others have licensed to create their own branded desktop environments.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

Download: Holiday Desktop

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It's amazing how whiney and infantile some people are. Here's a cool free thing and you have a bunch of man-children crapping on it. Meanwhile no doubt they'll happily praise the latest Luna derivative. Sad.

Calling something "fugly" or saying "it's ****" isn't criticism. It just makes the person look like they're socially inept or something.

It's a holiday theme. It's SUPPOSED to be loud. Christmas decorations are loud. There are hundreds of minimalistic WindowBlinds skins already. The difference is that msstyles HAVE to be minimalistic because they can't really do anything else. They have no choice.