Homeless man disrupts Internet2 service

A fire started by a homeless man knocked out service between Boston and New York on the experimental Internet2 network Tuesday night.

Chris Robb, an engineer at Indiana University's Global Network Operations Center who works on Internet2, says Level 3 Communications cables used by the network went up in flames. The cables were on the Longfellow Bridge, which connects Boston and Cambridge across the Charles River.

Robb, who co-authors the Internet2 Network Upgrade blog, writes that Level 3 engineers estimate it could take one to two days to restore the circuit. Engineers are looking at rerouting a Chicago-to-New York OC-192 circuit that normally goes through Boston to Washington until service is restored.

Robb writes: "Question: When can a cigarette take down your network? Answer: When you throw it at a bridge and light it on fire."

Authorities say the fire, which also disrputed service on the Red Line subway, started around 8:20 p.m. when a homeless man tossed a lit cigarette. The cigarette landed on a mattress, which ignited and led to a two-alarm fire.

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Yeah, its hard to believe such a simple thing can cause such a huge outage... but if you work for any internet ISP tech support you see outages a lot

Reminds me of the Southpark episode, he was probably in the server asking for change :P

"Change? Got a spare bit of change?"

kyro said,
you remember the episode name? i would really like to see that episode or part.

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Neobond said,
Reminds me of the Southpark episode, he was probably in the server asking for change :P

"Change? Got a spare bit of change?"

That was my first thought when reading the headline.