Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds feature patch released

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda Associate Producer at SCEA has posted on the Official U.S. Playstation Blog that a free feature patch for Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds has been released. The patch includes the following features:

  • You can now roam around the course and taunt other golfers while you wait your turn. When it's your turn you will be transported back to your spot.
  • Soccer balls have now been added to the lobbies so you can play some soccer with other players while you wait for a game.
  • Sever issues have now been fixed.

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda also says more Hot Shots Golf DLC will be coming in the future. To all those wondering when in-game voice chat will be coming to Hot Shots Golf Chris Hinojosa-Miranda also posted the following in the comments section:

Possible? Perhaps. Again, to all inquiring about a Voice Chat feature: we're seriously considering it , and the teams are looking into how to best implement this feature. We'll keep everyone posted on news regarding this feature.

News Source: U.S. Playstation Blog

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who cares about the image. I'm more concerned that by the fact that developers are releasing unfinished games. server issues and no voice chat. the game should sell at a reduced price until they finish it.