How does Bill Gates have time to save the world? "I don't mow the lawn"

CBS posted a preview of its 60 Minutes profile on Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates on Friday and Sunday the actual episode aired. Corespondent Charlie Rose revealed more about Gates's efforts in helping others around the world since he stepped down several years ago from his day-to-day work at the company he helped to found.

The main 60 Minutes story  features Gates talking about his efforts to rid the world of many major diseases, including polio in six years, tuberculosis in "six or seven years," and malaria, which Gates says will take between 15 to 20 years to defeat. It also talks about his investment in inventions, including an new type of nuclear reactor that uses depleted uranium, which in theaory would make it safer and cheaper to run than current reactors.

The story also talks about Gates' love of reading and learning, how he has soften his once demanding personality since departing Microsoft and how his father Bill Gates Sr. was the one who inspired him to give away the vast majority of his enormous wealth. When asked by Rose how he can juggle all of the things he is currently doing, Gates simply said, "I don't mow the lawn."

The 60 Minutes website also has some extra video features on Gates that didn't make it on the television screen. One concentrated on Gates' relationship with the late founder of Apple Steve Jobs. Another segment shows off more of Gates' collection of rare scientific papers, along with a quick discussion on why so many major figures in history are left handed (yes, Gates is left handed).

Yet another extra web video segment showed Gates going back to his old school in Seattle, Lakeside School, where a teletype machine that was connected to a major remote computer inspired Gates to learn about computers and programming, and as such launched his career that ended up with the creation of Microsoft.

Source: CBS News

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Ph1b3r0pt1c said,
When all of humanity's diseases are cured, what's to keep the population from overwhelming the Earth?

My thoughts exactly. Are those poor countries also against condoms?

Brony said,
He is helping other people.... for a profit.


...which ensures there's still money available to be given in the long term. Smart way to do it. What's your approach, genius?

John, are you paid per word? Because what was the point of this:

"CBS posted a preview of its 60 Minutes profile on Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates on Friday and Sunday the actual episode aired."

60 minutes is every Sunday, whats new?

I think his point was that he couldn't do everything in life, so he chose to concentrate on what mattered and didn't waste time on trivialities.

so do I. the difference is his grass grows a little faster out where he lives and he has a little more of it too.

- About time you mowed the lawn, little lazybum. It's going to overgrow the house!
- But Bill Gates doesn't mow his lawn! That's saving the world!
- Yeah, well, Bill Gates has his own telly and also buys his own cereal. (Checkmate)

When Bill Gates says he doesn't mow the lawn, we should all safely assume he means that someone else does it for him. After all, he is so wealthy that he could pay someone to cut the grass with a pair of scissors and a ruler, every day.

Didn't that guy/girl go to jail after becoming an Internet hit? I believe I read somewhere that he was pulled over in his BMW with drug possession.