How to: Download subtitles automatically in Windows and Mac

Finding subtitles for ripped or downloaded videos isn’t terribly complicated. Most of the time it involves a quick search at sites like OpenSubtitles or Subscene for a particular TV show or movie, and filtering through language options. It’s not a lot of work but it isn’t the most efficient either when dealing with a large video library.

Subtitles by Rainy Cape can shave a few seconds off the whole process by making it as simple as dragging and dropping a video file. It’s not the only program of its kind but earns a few points in my book for being cross-platform and for its no frills UI. Basically, you just need to drag a video onto it, and Subtitles will query the OpenSubtitles database for a match to download onto the same directory as the video file.

Since we’re already optimizing why not take it to the next level and make subtitle fetching 100% hands off? With the help of a couple handy tools -- AHK in Windows and Automator or Hazel in OS X -- we certainly can.

Read: Time Saver: 100% Hands Off Subtitle Downloads in Windows or Mac

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Great idea, I personally never use subs, but if you need subs for one movie, you probably need them for everything.

Media Player Classic does the job for me. Has inbuilt function of searching the online database and then loading it in.