HP and Microsoft want people to create a "Smart Office"

The normal office space (no pun intended) is normally a very dull affair, with a PC desktop and monitor being among the now expected pieces of technology to be found in a worker's cubicle. But what would a cool "Smart Office" of the future might look like?

Microsoft has decided to find out and, together with HP, they have launched a new "Smart Office" contest. Its official webpage has the details. It states:

Show off your skills by submitting the best Smart Office Design. Using any number of select HP products, submit your idea in any format - from hand drawn sketches to computer generated graphic designs. Submissions will be judged based on criteria from IT professionals based on creativity, style and use of HP technology.

The entries must be submitted by December 4th. From December 5th-11th, the public will get to vote on which design they like the best. The entries will also be judged by a panel of professional designers, HP executives and others.

The judges panel will select one winner in January, who will win an assortment of prizes, including (what else?) some Windows 8-based HP hardware valued at $2,000. The person who creates the favorite design of the public will get an HP Z1 Workstation with Windows inside.

Source: HP-Microsoft "Smart Office" website | Image via HP

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jasonon said,
that looks like the most boring office i've ever seen

Its awful in a lot of ways, imo. Cubicles are evil, so instead they move to another uncomfortable extreme where everybody can look over your shoulder and see what you're doing. The chairs look horribly clumsy and something that I'd get annoyed with really quickly. The whole environment feels artificial to the point that its stifling.

If H-P hardware is being used, be sure to get a written money-back guarantee that H-P will provide and support hardware drivers for several iterations of a new OS over several years. Otherwise, you'll end with some very expensive hardware that doesn't work. Of course, one can hope that H-P has seen the errors of their ways (doubtful with arrogant companies, in general, and my personal experience in particular) and will start to provide driver support.