HP announces first NFC-enabled Touch to Pair Mouse

We have seen how near-field communication (NFC) based smartphones are starting to pop up more and more. The Samsung Galaxy S III has NFC hardware and the Nokia Lumia 920 will also have NFC capabilities when it launches this fall.

Today, HP announced plans to offer an NFC capable PC mouse later this year. Engadget reports that the device is called the Touch to Pair Mouse, and the company is claiming it will be the first such mouse to have NFC support.

HP's press release says that the Touch to Pair Mouse "allows users to instantly connect the mouse to any Bluetooth-enabled PC or tablet." Other than that, there doesn't appear to be any more that this mouse can do with the NFC hardware. If you want to be one of the first owners of this mouse, it will be released by HP sometime in November for $39.

HP also announced a number of other PC mice and peripherals today, including the HP Wireless Classic Desktop and the HP Wireless Elite v2 keyboards, both of which will have four Windows 8-based shortcut keys. They will go on sale in October, with the Wireless Classic Desktop selling for $29 and the Wireless Elite v2 priced at $49.

Source: Engadget | Image via HP

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At the moment you can connect game controllers to phones via Bluetooth and apps. but it'd be really good if NFC got added to this combination.

Wait, for the past week or two a certain group of people have been telling us NFC is useless and nobody wants it. Why would HP do something like this until the competition has officially blessed the technology and declared their implementation magical?

DaRkMaDnEsS said,
can i connect it to the S3 maybe to use mouse on it ??? an idea that i got

would be good if it had keyboard support aswell then? .. Game on @ Phone.. with keyboard and mouse.. GTA 3 ;p

It'll be nice when every device supports NFC pairing in a few years. I've tried it at IFA and it's really brilliant and works surprisingly well!