HP Discover: A free HP Microserver giveaway for our readers! [Winner]

As you may have read, Neowin covered the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas and came away with a lot of good information. What we didn’t mention was the fact that HP was having a contest in which some bloggers at the event would be given prizes to give to their readers. Thanks to the comments made on our posts, HP decided to award Neowin with an HP Microserver and one of you are guaranteed to win!

This could be yours!

The server has been upgraded from its base configuration to include 2G of RAM (593921-B21), a SATA DVD-ROM drive (447326-B21), and three years of 13x5, four hour response time hardware support (UR483E).

There are three ways to enter this contest:

  1. Reply to this post. While nothing specific is required, we’d like you to explain why you think you should be the one to win this server. Sob stories about using soldering irons and duct tape to keep your current rig running may win you brownie points;
  2. Use the Twitter link to retweet this article and put the hashtag #HP at the end;
  3. Click the “like” button on this article and/or our Facebook page.

You can enter once per day per method and a winner will be randomly selected and contacted via private message within Neowin. The contest will close on Sunday, June 26th at 11:59pm EST.

While not required, it might also be a nice gesture to follow @HPDiscover on Twitter in order to show HP that we appreciate their partnership with Neowin. In addition, there were many great bloggers at the event and a collection of all of the various articles, videos, interviews, and the like can be found at DiscoveringHP.com.

Now for the fine print:

The contest is open to everyone in the world, assuming you can accept a FedEx shipment from the United States. Winners must provide their full name, email address, shipping address, and phone number. In addition, winners in the United States must complete a W9 form.

[UPDATE]: The winner of the drawing is Brent3000! Congratulations, Brent!  Also, thank you to everyone who participated in both this thread as well as the various HP Discover posts that helped convince HP to award us the server! And of course, thank you to HP for providing Neowin with the opportunity to reward our loyal readers!

Image: HP

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I don't have one but, If I did I would sell it and donate the money to the red cross or a charity

you know that feeling you get...that tingling feeling in your body...that over-rated heart pounding throb that results from something amazing coming across your eyes. Well, i have it, and i want it to be physical. Choose me

Ugh...I want this so bad. It would take one more huge stress off my back with school. I am in the middle of a run of server related classes and would love it for the testing enviroment.

For my last entry, I figure I'll give my sob story to anyone that will listen. I want to win that HP server, so hopefully I can upgrade my slow running Timex Sinclair ZX 1000 computer. This would be a big boost to the lowly 2k on-board memory I'm presently using. I'm keeping it together with spit and duct tape. I NEED HELP FAST!!! ***sob, sob, sniffle ***

Okay, I'm done. Bye all....

my current server: Dell Optiplex with a slot-style Pentium II, lol! *embarrassed* It works, but DANG it's painfully slow! Anyway, good luck to all who entered!

If I won this, everyone would look up to me. I am shorter than the HP Microserver you are giving away so that would be a great boost to my low self-esteem, and if times get tough, I would be able to live inside the server, warmed by it CPU goodness, lulled to sleep by the hum of the harddrive, and kept safe by its boxy design. I look forward to giving it a new home and at the same time being my new home. Thank you

You know, if I won this server, I could donate it to the local campus where I go for computer networking classes, but you know, I think it would really just look better at my place. Maybe I'd bring it in to show off!

In it to win it. My current server is like a droid in a Jawa Sand Crawler. Old, dilapidated, and in need of repair. I need a new shiny server so that I can get rid of some of this old junk.

OK, I already entered, but I'm allowed one per day, right?
I still want/need a server for all the UK retirees in my area of France who I support.

Final entry for this system. The design of the chassis on this system is ideal, this would round out the Feng Shui of my server room perfectly. Without it, it's just a bunch of computers in a closet.

This server would have enough disk space (and not to mention extra room for expansion) to keep all my hd video and movies together, plus keep all the computer on my network backed up.

I am a tech director in a public school that has very limited funds. This would really help me teach kids about careers in the tech field. It would benefit many more than just me.

Thank you for your consideration.........
Fred M>

I would really like that microserver:) The fileserver I currently run, is a unstable piece of junk, and I am afraid to backup important files to it:/

My wife just started dialysis with this I could set up a server for her to access all our music and movies while she is in treatment or even in the frequent times she is in the hospital.

I need a sturdy server to handle my fat cat, who has habit of sleeping on top of my computer ... He almost lost his tail when he held it in the cooler power supply of the computer.

Fun fact about this server: Inside there are about a 1337 microhamsters that type on nano scale calculators to process your work. at top speed (100% workload) it is said the little hands that type on these calculators are so fast they approach light speed by about 92,4329% making it the fastest organisms known in the entire universe.

Other fun fact: I want one.

Could be nice, Going to University and some backup would be a greatfull help

Also could be great to experiment windows server never really tried !

Good Luck everyone !

Entering because we a trying to develop multi touch software (similar to that of NUI group) and the other half of our team are working on developing a web content filtering/blocking service for schools and businesses. We are only young (15~17)and don't have the money to avtually BUY one of these let alone buy the stuff for out MT development

Anyway it would be really Really Really awesome to have a proper piece of equipment to share files and test out networking software among other things!

Goold luck to myself of course, and to everyone else

My parents find it too difficult to plug in a USB flash drive to back up their files. Maybe I can set this up in the house so it won't be so difficult to back up the only copy of my step-grandparents tax forms that my stepfather is in charge of.

An HP server would be a nice upgrade for my laboratory...currently running a bunch of PCs around an old linux/Intel box controlling traffic...

I currently have a rather old home server that also acts as my house's router.
It is very large and very loud.
I often hit my toe on it.
My toe really needs this microserver, Neowin... Thanks.

I have a dns-323 and i am looking to replace it with something better. This box looks sweet and it would make a very good replacement.

I would like to win this because I have never won nothing on the net and it would be cool to have a server in my home and I can't buy good stuff anymore because I have 3 kids.
And a server would help me in making my custom Visual Styles for windows. This would also aid me in finishing up my custom rom for an android phone that I have been working on for a while.
Breakneckmod. I am sure some of you have heard of it. And of course it will help with my web developments as I am always making something for websites.

I went to school for web design and computer programming and miss having a server like we had at school and with all the bills and all the stuff I have to buy for the kids. ( I am sure alot of you know what I am talking about). It is hard this day in age to have enough money to buy stuff like this.
So Neowin if I win I will build a Neowin premium Visual Style to reflect this awesome site.
As this is the first site i visit when I wake up at 4 am and when I am on break at work and when I get home from work.

Don't let me down Neowin make me a winner. Don't let my kids down, Make their dad a winner.

why would I want one? because I littearly just wired my entire house for Cat6, video, and other stuff and need a server to actually put on the network... all those homerun lines back to a nice wiring closet waiting for a server to plug into the brand new rack mounted patch panels

I'll enter because I am an HP employee, and that means that I deserve some extra compensation from them. There can be fewer sorry sob stories than that.

my significant other threatened to throw away the current server as its basically random parts in a shoe box. This will restore her faith in the need for a server

Okay, I'll enter this give-away, one more time.

HP Contest ( by: whitenite1 )

Oh, How I love the company, HP
They're the best, don't you see?
Computers, Printers and servers three
Someone has to win, so why not me?

Thank you. Please keep the applause down...

Nothing like a home server for sandbox projects. As far as sob stories... I'v been developing web apps on a 2400AMD and 512mem, linux/Apache box it can get painful sometimes.

my significant other threatened to throw away the current server as its basically random parts in a shoe box. This will restore her faith in the need for a server

I'm not rich, but I'm not poor either. I'm not smart, but I'm not dumb either. I'm not healthy, but I'm not in bad health either.

Hence, while someone else may deserve this more than me, I'm hoping to win just cause I've never won anything.

(2nd entry)

I'm in a small group (3 people) trying to get an indie game rolling, and we're in desperate need of a small central storage server so we can all work collaboratively. This server would be perfect for us!

And when we eventually launch this game, we'll be sure to toss Neowin some coupon codes or free copies!

All my geeky friends would be jealous to see this server in my house, especially since theirs are cobbled up from different cases; I've never seen self taping screws used to violently to hold things together!

No duct tape, but I do have it in an old case with no sides and fan power cables extended with speaker wire and electrical tape. Wouldn't mind having a bit more modern server!

3rd impact you sit it in the closet and store data on it
Does any one have the full specs on this like is it OSed How much drive space?

Would enjoy having this since mine likes to reboot randomly... Maybe I should stop kicking it and give it a few hugs to try and encourage it to behave.

Four kids, 3 computers, and plenty of expenses don't allow me to easily buy something like this. So, we could really use this and take advantage of it. Winning this would certainly be much appreciated.

I should totally win this because my WHS box needs replacing. And this would be awesome. Good luck to those who have entered. Cheers to Neowin for doing this

geagle said,
To much data. To little space.

We used to dream of having too much data.

We are so poor we 'ave to live in a shoebox in middle of t'road.

I'm in a manufactured home with limited space, and the size of this would make it ideal for my situation, and I'm sure it'd run better than my current frankenbuild media server/desktop system. Sorry, no sob story here, just a reason I'd find it useful. :-)

I'd really appreciate this, my current home server is a collection of old spare parts, a new 1tb HD and the chassis doesn't even have proper drive bays, they're all just sort of laying around anywhere in there!

This would probably... definitely save me lots of money. You don't need my sob story. You just know I would appreciate this .

I hear a lot of sob stories about their poor box server or poor server that and they are funny as all get out. My server was in a dell black case that it migrated from parts sitting on a desk in to the dell case until the crt monitor that was attached to it caught fire and melted the case down to nothing. Now it is installed in to an old speaker box that i found on the side of the road and i tore apart, ever since my wife wants to kill me for it. Did i mention that it is a p90 with 64mb of ram? its wonderfully stable with freebsd 2.2.7 installed but it has seen better days and buying a new hard drive to work with a machine so old has gotten complicated when my backup drive just failed on it, good old seagate 6gb, it was original to the machine. I would love to upgrade this poor thing and make the wife happy with something small and out of the way.

One of my old Win 2K3 servers received horrible news today from the doctor; it only has four years left to live before they pull the plug.. apparently an epidemic of endofsupportitis is going around, and it's fatal. It's last dying wish is that it would like to be replaced with a capable system to replace it, one that can continue its work for a long time to come. You wouldn't dash the hopes and dreams of a dying computer would you?

once more for today's opt-in. I've always wanted an actual mini-type server that's meant for home use and consumes little power being up 24/7. Thanks for the opportunity

The last time the aliens visited, they had no interest in conducting their "experiments" on me. But they took my server with them. Damn you.....

my significant other threatened to throw away the current server as its basically random parts in a shoe box. This will restore her faith in the need for a server

This thing would look so awesome in my media cabinet! Would be better than the old Dell with hard drives laying on the bottom inside of the case that I have now!!

My server feels like it is on fire and it is running very slowly! I need a new one desperately! This HP server looks great and sounds like just what I need.

MacGyver fixed my current server using duct tape and a Hershey's chocolate bar. I think it's time for a replacement, especially since chocolate doesn't work too well in the Summer heat.

FridaySupport said,
MacGyver fixed my current server using duct tape and a Hershey's chocolate bar. I think it's time for a replacement, especially since chocolate doesn't work too well in the Summer heat.

This is by far the best answer. If I was neowin, I would giveaway this server to you...

yes this would be a nice upgrade for my network...currently running a cobbled up server built from a bunch of bits and pieces...

I want to win this HP Microserver to help me with my studies. We are actually Studying about server and client/s but with the lack of facilities were just imagining how a "Server" does actually work. Maybe with this one it can help us with our studies not only for me but also for my classmates as well.

I gave my last server to a friend, who needed it for his development work. I could stand to have a server again in my environment so that I can move off of my Ultra 5s.

Third entry... really need this thing, my server crashed FIVE times last night while trying to watch TV shows stored on it. Not happy!

(1st entry)

I'm in a small group (3 people) trying to get an indie game rolling, and we're in desperate need of a small central storage server so we can all work collaboratively. This server would be perfect for us!

And when we eventually launch this game, we'll be sure to toss Neowin some coupon codes or free copies!

I have 3 PC's but it would be nice to have a separate Home Server where I could store all my backups, media, and files in one place.

Followed both on Twitter and re-tweeted.
Liked on Facebook.

3. Click the “like” button on this article and/or our Facebook page.

You can enter once per day per method and a winner will be randomly selected and contacted via private message within Neowin. The contest will close on Sunday, June 26th at 11:59pm EST.

Like is a one time use... I wasn't able to like the article again today but I did like the facebook page instead.

My PC runs hot all the time, its like having a personal heater at my feet when I get near it. It would be great to win this server to replace my old "heater!"

My sad old AMD64 is on its last legs whilst still consuming much more power than this little beast. Let me retire this old machine and do the planet a favour!

would love to incorporate this HP microserver into my network...bit tough at the present time to afford the latest and the greatest....

My sob story...

I had a computer I built backin 2005 with an AMD 64-bit processor and 3g's of ram. A great computer then and it was til about 3 months ago. This box was turned this into my server as a upgrade from my old IBM Pentium 4 with 512mb of ram (even linux runs slow on this box). I ended up running my website and file server from a for various projects for me and my buddy so they wern't stored in the cloud (im slightly parinoid). So 3 months ago the southbridge goes out I believe. FML. I tried new a NIC card and new graphics card. If any heavy data was run across the southbridge, CRASH.

Luckily I just aquired two McDonalds ISP UNIX severs the week before. They both were DakTech band with an Intel server board running a newer Pentium 4 and 2g's of RAM. HELL YEAH you would think, but I was wrong. The first server stopped responding completely during hook-up, troubleshooting got me nowhere. So I cut my losses and moved to server two. I consoldated my resources thinking this rig with 4g's of RAM with be sufficent until I need more resources, and bam... this box has the same crashing issues as the AMD server!!!!

So im running my old IBM server as my file server temporairly until luck runs my way again and I win this awesome looking HP Microserver. I would love you Neowin FOR LIFE!!!!!!!! Well, that much more than I do already xD

So another sob story, not really a sob story but a funny one.

So there I was at my apartment waiting on a technical phone interview. I am there waiting its about 8:45 interview at 9. I am kinda nervous so i figure i better i head to bathroom you know to free bowels up before the interview. I do my think finish just in time flush and the phone rings so i rush over and pick it up. About 10 mins into the interview i hear my dog splashing in some water. I was like wtf mate. I look back and water is flowing into my room. I was like oh ****, so I tell the person on the phone my toilet is overflowing, he doesn't understand. So while on the cell phone run back to the toilet to turn off the water valve. I tear it out of the wall. Never knew i was so strong. I was like **** this is bad. So now the toilet has stopped flowing but water is blasting out my wall. So at this point i made a decision to try to finish the interview, he then starts asking my some Z-transform questions and I am like wtf mate i forgot that poo then my attention started shifting back to water making progress to my desktop. In the end i do not think the guy believed my toilet was overflowing and i told him I had to go and to please call me back. He never did.

Well, I have a Pentium M laptop at the moment, the screen support is broken (yay duck tape lol), it overheats, the fan is noisy as hell and some times it just crashes and reboot
That's my sod story, , i see there are worse though

It would be humbling to be lucky enough to replace my current PC, an 8 yr old, P3-1Ghz Gateway (buffed up to 512MB of RAM, and a few old 40-60GB drives holding family pictures and other files) . My lack of steady employment for the last 5-6 years (3 layoffs and short-term contracts when I could get them) has made keeping a roof over our 6 heads and food on the table the only priority, and the kids would love something so simple as a new server to watch Disney and Nickelodeon shows from.

I need one! My poor server is OLD, hosting only files right now.. can't even run a windows based server OS. All it has power for is to run FreeNAS.. and it has problems with that.

What current server? I don't have one... I ran a novell netware server up until about 3 years ago (when it died) I got married 4 years ago (you do the math)

I'd sell my SOUL for some fresh server silicon... my poor server is still pre 64bit and has seriously had 2 power supplies catch on fire!

Very cool! I'd love to get this and move my WHS 2011 to it. My current server is an old desktop with a finicky BIOS and driver set, I'm kind of scared to breath around for fear that it'll start giving me the BSOD death again. I'm still unsure of what I did to make it stop... count me in though with a RT!

Would love to have a server with me when I head back to university so I can have a safe environment to backup all my school work... Not to mention running a web server is always nice .

Sweet! This would cut our electricity bill immensely. Old Dell Servers replaced by one, nice, energy-efficient box - who in their right mind would not say "PLEASE?"!

True story, I'm a student studying first year for IT and I can't afford to buy a server to do projects or mess with it. This would help me understand how to maintain a server through practices. I don't have a job, because I'm unable to do anything physical (leg surgery), and they barely accept you in jobs with computers in my country unless you finished at least 3 years in IT.

So that's it.

Very cool. Defintiely interesting in entering. I live in a house that recently lost is server due to a flood, this can be a good option!

Day two entry here. I had to modify the Jigsaw'd Gateway computer last night by affixing a second hard drive via zip ties to the 5.25 CD/DVD drive area since I have no more hard drive slots.

I had a ground floor flat until builders working in the attic made a mistake and I woke up with a view of the sky after the dust settled, the 3 floors above me landed in my flat missing my bed by about 8". the building had to be demolished and the builders had no insurance.

Convinced my wife that a WHS box would be a great idea. We would be able to store all our files on it and be able to play all our movies and home videos from it. Spent a month getting all our media on it and then the motherboard went....This thing would make a great replacement.

If I won, it would be either be used as a public minecraft server or a NAS.
My sob story is that I had over 500GB of persoanl data on my WD WorldBook 1TB NAS drive, and it died so I've lost it all this HP miniserver would serve me in a great way as a backup solution.

My sob story is so sad, I can't even come to terms to write it, but I lost all of my data on my hard drive that failed. I had years of data that had disappeared, family photos, tax information, scanned receipts on major purchases, you name it - all gone. Unfortunately, it's everything I had that cannot be replaced, and I have never had the money to afford my home server.

My current server is held together with duct tape and some bamboo screws that I whittled. Please pick me, I could use a new server.

I need this one for a web analytics website. We currently monitor around 1000 websites, but we are running on a small VPS (512mb's and 800MHz proccesor), so the load is pretty high, especially night.

We are in need of this, good luck to anyone.
P.S. we never win anything. =)

Another day, another entry. Don't have a sob story for this one, as the server that I stored those on died recently, and I sorely need a new one.

Ive been trying to build an ITX microserver myself and it keeps bluescreening under windows, I can't get openfiler to install on it and share its drives over iscsi so I am going crazy trying to get more storage for my dying servers I use to study with. (wow long run on sentance see i was even almost out of breath typing it) So, I would love to have this server to aleviate some of my storage woes.

I am entering because I love Neowin. This thing from HP will enable me to marry Neowin for all my life But, honestly, if I win this, I will be able to kickstart a small web hosting business. Thanks. Choose me please

This makes me remember my first computer for college. Its motherboard was, quite literally, held together with zip-ties and project wire. It worked most of the time minus the occasional blue-screen.

I would like one of those.
Now i'm running WHS on a 8 year old hardware which is about to give up. This would be a great hardware to run WHS on for the home network

i would really like to have this as a more power saving machine than current server which actually is a desktop machine meant probably more for gaming. This would be perfect to sit on top of my closet I have had enough stupid failures with my server, last of them was a smoking/burning power supply. I came home from work and the apartment was full of smoke and i was terrified that it's all just going to burn down right there. Strangest thing was that the server was still running like nothing happened

I'd like this server as a low running cost option to host supplemental materials from my home for my students (teach at a college).

Using the university web services is quite horrible, as many of you know how sad they can be.

I would like to select a deserving charity with the neowin-giveaway-er and 1. give the server to charity and 2. work together with a neowian or two to help set it up and running all on behalf of the charity.

This would be a good replacement for my broken down (but still running) file server in my loft (as its too big) and I would be able to keep it with my bt my Pc as its alot smaller

Tweeted - liked and commented

I went to all the effort of clicking the login with facebook just for this. Oh here... I baked you enough brownie points just so I'd be the pick of the bunch!

After using the AMD Sempron 2800+ 512MB and 80GB hard disk for 8 years as desktop, it would be nice to put the old guy to rest from the server duty. Ah the golden memories Still using it's Samsung SyncMaster 753DFX monitor. There are a lot of memories to put, which winning this server would make perfect. As the life goes, there is only psychical and digital memory of the events.

WOW this is so awesome, worldwide participation. I'm building my home cinema/network at the moment. i've bought a projector and hubs and cabling and everything, using my old pc as a server due to budget constraints. This will be mana from heaven if i win it! So cool, i'll show off this setup to my friends here, i'm sure they will be floored and line up to copy my setup hehe!! Can't wait for the results! All the best everyone.!! Goodluck to me too ))

didn't see the sob story part....if it makes you feel sorry for me, my current server is a Dell Optiplex 1997~ish, with 512MB SDRAM, and a Pentium II Slot processor.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_II .... So yeah...now that I saw that (the sob-story part), does this sad soldering-iron/barely 32-bit/call it a machine if you will (I call it a beast, as it works at the very least, OK...I just need something better, because my requirements have exceeded my goals...of serving around 10 hosts or so...I need to grow, the hamsters can only do so much...). Even if not, I still love you, Neowin....up 'til the very end! Good luck to all!

There are many reason's why I want to win but to make your life better I've decided to post a list of hilarious Groucho Marx quotes just to make your day.

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.
Groucho Marx

A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.
Groucho Marx

A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.
Groucho Marx

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Groucho Marx

A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.
Groucho Marx

Alimony is like buying hay for a dead horse.
Groucho Marx

All people are born alike - except Republicans and Democrats.
Groucho Marx

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.
Groucho Marx

Before I speak, I have something important to say.
Groucho Marx

Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.
Groucho Marx

Either he's dead or my watch has stopped.
Groucho Marx

From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it.
Groucho Marx

Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.
Groucho Marx

Go, and never darken my towels again.
Groucho Marx

Humor is reason gone mad.
Groucho Marx

I didn't like the play, but then I saw it under adverse conditions - the curtain was up.
Groucho Marx

I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.
Groucho Marx

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.
Groucho Marx

I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it.
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I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it.
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No sob stories for me. After completing my 2nd new build recently, I have been looking to venture into the world of home servers, so being lucky enough to win this would be an ideal opportunity to dip my toe in that particular water.

Would love to get one of these too!

We have an old HP mv2010 and it's on it's last legs, it's been running great for YEARS but the fans grinding, it's extremely limited and it's hardware isn't up to much

I want it because I support quite a number of local ex-pat English retirees here in rural France, and I could do so much more, so much easier, if I had a decent server they all could share.

i would love to win this as I can not afford duct tape or a soldering Iron. Mine is held together with chewing gun and I am all out of chewing gum.

I'd love the server... and am currently saving for a wedding...in order to do my future wife and our wedding justice, i've had to knock down my data plan, kill my cable, cut my internet speed and stop buying games entirly. My geek budget is shot, totally willingly and with no regrets, but a new server would be an awesome new toy.

I'd love a server, but haven't got the money. I work day to day fixing other peoples' computer related problems and very rarely do the customers thank me

I need a new toy, that is all

Count me in! I would of like to have written a sob story on my current server which has this amazing spec of:
p1-233mhz,256meg memory and 30gig HD
But it would take all day to hand crank the server,so I won't bother.Ill post this from work instead.

I need a new file server and cant get one as I am on the pension and do F@H.
I never win stuff either reckon murphy's got something to do with that tho.

Server? The only server at home is me - and only when we have guests and I bring the plates to the table. A server would be great, allowing me to sort out the various external USB HDDs and are unplugged and replugged to sync files between the PC and the laptop and the notebook. And - finally - set up a media server!

Server? The only server at home is me - and only when we have guests and I bring the plates to the table. A server would be great, allowing me to sort out the various external USB HDDs and are unplugged and replugged to sync files between the PC and the laptop and the notebook. And - finally - set up a media server!

I'd include a horror story of duct tape & solder, however I've been sworn to secrecy, and compensated with abundant cold beverages for my silence.

I would love to have a server like this so I can work on building multiple databases in hopes of being a DBA in the near future.
I also would like to use it for home backups and a small website.

I don't have a "sob story", but I have four small children and a ton of expenses. I could really use a server to help with sharing media, docs, etc across the family PCs. This is not something I can easily swing in light of other expenses.

I would really love a server like this. I have multiple computer in my household and having a place to store all the files I need and access them quickly, from any computer is just too good to be true.

Pick me, pick me!!! My current home server crashed and burned when water entered my basement. Guess I shoul dhave put it IN the media rack with the rest of the equipment.

I just got a brand new puppy, this would be an awesome way to preserve all these pictures and videos! Thank you very much for the chance to win this server!

I would love to have that in replace of my old Intel Pentium D. It will be a great help for my self-study on web programming. Thanks to HP for giving it to Neowin and many thanks to Neowin for including us a non-USA residents in participating to this contest. Cheers!

would love one, be great additional to my vmware lab....acttually it would be the only thing in my vmware lab.

I am a student and i dont have much money and i am trying to teach mentally challenged people with learning issues how to set up and manage servers if not for them to use in the future then just for them to have some fun but i cannot afford to get a proper server.... this is why i need to win.

Ooooh an international competition!
(Do I need my eyes checked..? No! Them eyes do not decieve thyself!)

This would be rather nice to win I must say. Could I win it ?

Girlfriend dumped me ran off and joined the army. So please let me win because, i would rather have a mini server than a girlfriend anyday.

Would make a great new WHS2011 for me, my current WHS box is an aging Dell M1330 XPS laptop with broken screen, being held together with a bit of duct tape

I would love this server. I have a couple computers at home that are falling apart and I ran out of duct tape. They have been upgraded over the course 10 years for one and 7 years for the other and have been upgraded about as far as they can go and still they fall far behind the needs of most current software. I just want something NEW (and back up storage for photos/music/etc.)

If I were to win it I would bring it in to work and use it as a ESX server for the guys on my team. Oh the fun we will have if I win this very cool server.....

This server is awesome! It would be great for me to be able to keep all my music, DVDs, work documents, and downloads backed up to one machine.

Hi, I was the IRC op for LulzSec up until a couple of days ago, but since the mean police officers seized all of my hardware, I have nothing to lul about...
It's hard enough to turn from a Lulz lizard to a mere peon.... I could really use this hardware, you know *whimper*

For the lulz, always,

I would love to have one of these so I can store my files elsewhere. I hardly have any money to upgrade my current system to what i want. Plus I want to give my wife something for her birthday.

I would love to upgrade my server to something like this. I have looked at doing this before, but I just don't have the money.

My current server is an old Dell Dimension 8250 that was originally given to me because it wouldn't boot. Now, only 2 of its 4 PCI slots function, and the USB controller has problems. Although it technically works, there are frequent surges (about once every 24 hour) through them that temporarily disconnect all USB devices. This especially a problem for its USB hard drives because they are not properly unmounted and produce I/O errors every time someone attempts to access them. My "solution" is a BASH script that runs as a cron job once every 24 hours to purge the invalid mount entries, run fsck on all affected drives (since they were not properly unmounted), and remount everything in fstab.

Getting it to boot from anything but the internal hard disk is also fun. BIOS does not work with USB devices, and both of the internal DVD drives have problems. The primary only reads/writes CDs and the secondary only reads/writes DVDs. Only one can be enabled (in BIOS) at a time, and even then the computer will only boot from it sometimes.

I have three internal hard disks, but two of them are IDE because the computer is too old to have a SATA controller. One of the functioning PCI slots does have a SATA extension card in it, so I have one internal SATA drive (the backup drive). Although the card supports more, I don't have the space in the case for them or the extra power from my PSU, so they are connected through external enclosures. (Which is certainly not ideal!)

Although this is not technically a hardware problem, the computer also needs RAMBUS RAM. It only has 512MB in there now because that stuff is expensive! I discovered recently that I need >512 MB to upgrade to Fedora 15, which is a little annoying. I either need to buy more RAM or get a newer, patched Dracut from upstream and rebuild Fedora 15's initrd so that I can boot it on my machine (according to what I have read online, anyway).

I have been wanting to build or buy a home server to centralize all my storage and backups. Also, it could help me manage my house computers remotely and sync/backup information with the computers in my business.

With a home server, I would store all my media on it and stream it to my laptop and HTPC as well, killing two birds (streaming and backups) with one stone.

Sweet! This would cut our electricity bill immensely. Old Dell Servers replaced by one, nice, energy-efficient box - who in their right mind would not say "PLEASE?"!

I want this. My school district blocks most blogging sites and when I petitioned to get them unblocked, they said I could use one of there old servers to set up a WordPress site. The server crashes all the time and is sooooooo slow. This would allow me to update and maintain the blog that is for our entire district to use.

I want in. I'm just revamping my home network and a small server would be top notch for me to start my own home business.

Currently I'm running my website's off of an 9 year old desktop, running windows 2000 server, it's run well, but is on it's last legs, I've had to replace the hard drive 4x so far, and every so often the bios decides not to recognize the cpu or other hardware. So I have to wait for a few hours and then bring it back to life... the box is so old that most of the panels don't screw on any more.
I could really use a new system, would help my business to grow.

I think I should win. My current life without this server is a mess. I wake up every morning in a cold sweat after having nightmares about my current lack of a centralized server for my environment that can handle the most basic tasks. How can any geek sleep at night without making daily backups over the network to a centralized server for all of their machines?

I currently suffer with weekly backups etched out on optical media at a dizzying rate. DVDs only hold a few GBs at best (once you count recovery bits added to protect against wear) and you're plowing through 50 DVDs just to do a simple 100GB backup. There goes your weekend with the wife where she hoped you'd take her to the beach and enjoy the rays together. Instead you are stuck shuffling disks in and out of your drive and sweating to find your Sharpie before you forget the label for the disk.

This server will free me from tech hell and save my marriage!

If you give it to me ill stop the XP is better than windows 7 comments

Because then i'll be able to use a computer that meets the higher system requirements Win7 needs.

Why do a better job programming when you can simply tell people to buy a new faster computer..

I'd also like one of them fancy brand new cutting edge $1,000 gfx cards all the richbitchs get !

I could really use it for VM's, as a fileserver, and a media server seeing as how I have to use my only rig to do everything currently.

I should be the winner. My country (portugal) is now in deep economic crises with enormous rates of unemployment and this server would help me to kick start my own business. My home (regular desktop) has 6 years old and the only thing keeping it from falling apart is the cable from the motherboard, witch provide great entertainment to my dog.

Thank HP and Neowin.

My 5 year old is feeling a little poorly after a recent extraction.

I mean my 5 year old server. Had to take out a gig of its RAM.

I think I should win because it will go a short distance to helping me solve world hunger and bring about world peace. Moreover, it will serve (pun intended) to manage and centarlize my parents vast store of media from their old photos, home videos, digital copies of movies from their bluray collection, and documents. See solving world peace on home at a time; my peace as they will bother me less about this issue. Oh and that hunger thing... - me mum will stop fiddling with the PC and make me a home cooked meal! =P

<commence sobbing> I need to replace my aging duct-tape and bailing wire-laced WHS server with a modern server. <sobbing off>

This would greatly help my small business, being able to put our Parts Interchange program on a proper server, instead of the junk we have it on now, and watching it go down 5 times a day. Yes, please!

(Create the setting in your head of LA Noire/Mafia 2) Here is my story (play mysterious sound)... The year is 1988, the month... June and a newborn baby is crying in the other room. That newborn baby, it's me. Many people thought I was crying just like most other baby's, I wasn't I was crying because I had yet to get something that I thought was of great value. It took my parents many years to understand what I was crying for that day I was born. Lets jump ahead in time, the year is now 1993, I was 5 years old, there were... pieces... everywhere... I will never forget that fateful morning. I had awoken to a large crash, my grand father simply in shock, he had dropped the computer down the stairs and with every step it hit parts were everywhere (starts crying)... EVERYWHERE!!!(still crying)... (Gathers myself) Lets jump foreword a little further, 6 days to be exact. I found my life talent, I was able to take each one of the pieces destroyed in that crash and rebuild it, make it faster, stronger,... more stable. The year is now 2001, I chose to take this talent I gained and begin using it to help others and fight this great battle between man and machine, the battle had many fights such as the great Battle of the End User, Mission ID10T, and most notably Weapons of Mass Malware... The fight was a difficult one that still continues today, 11 years later... The date now is 06/22/2011 the time 8:30AM and the weather is cloudy, today could change one persons life in a way never expected, I woke up, turned on my computer after a night of bad storms and logged-into Neowin, the same site I check every morning (and keep up on my screen all day), I find the headline that could change my life, then I begin writing my story, the one that you have read today. Only you can change my life in that unexpected way... As for the reason the baby was crying... well... because Windows 8 was still so far away. The end. (Based partly on a true story)

A few evenings ago, on a calm dark, sort of stinky-heavy-musty-humid night...ninjas tried to destroy my computer, but merely damaged it. I tried to hold them off, but alas was no match. I probably could have fixed it, but just as I reached for my solder gun and duct tape, Pirates. Those swashbucklers ran the motherboard through with a cutlass, defiled the video card, and please don't ask about the hard drive...it's just to painful to talk about. So while I wait to win this, I guess I will just bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home.

Help. I would love one too. It will be used to backup the data contents of my college children's laptops (now currently at a count of 4).

Well, I would like to get the server, mainly because I think HP is the best computer company out there, and I already own 2 HP computers and a HP printer. It also would be nice to expand my computing capabilities.
To show how much I want this, this is my first Neowin post...
Thanks for the give-away !!!

awww, it might be small.....but I would show this microserver some love (and might even keep me warm here in Australia...its winter after all)!!

I'm in. I've never been able to have a dedicated server for my devices, but this would definitely help with that. Plus, I'm sure I can make it accessible from outside the network for easy external file access (which will be very helpful).

PS: W9 Form? Really?

I will gladly enter this! It is about time for a server upgrade from my current rig, and something that is smaller and a bit more agile would really help

I'm not going to give some sob story other than to tell you my roommate spilled pop onto my server machine and it exploded into flames causing my apartment to go up in flames... Well ok, that's a little overboard, but he did spill pop on my server and it nearly bit the big one. It's just barely hanging on by a wing and a prayer until I can find a better solution. I would greatly appreciate winning this contest.

I want to turn it into a media server, I've not got a great backup system atm, this could really help and get all my content streaming around the house.

I have hours and hours of video of my life and now my little girls life. I need a good server solution from backup and easy access. Would hate to lose these precious memories of her.

After reading this article i was so supprised astouned shocked - My 2nd Rig that is covered in dust held together with Duct Tape - Burned my hands with the soldering iron when i tryed to solder my next 2MB of RAM on the Mainboard and i asked my self does a nother Technologie exist - Yes it does! - thank you Neowin for informing me and to enlighten me that there is a professional way - thank you thank you

A server that's not a frankenbuild out of random leftover parts and actually has a chassis? The network could use a server that isn't running nekkid, count me in.

I would like to have it because the machine that I have used for about 10 years (changing parts, doing quick fixes here and there) is finally dying and no amount of fixing is bringing it back to me this time.

I am just one mini-server away from having the fastest supercomputer in the world. Help me beat Japan's K computer!

Well, for my home server, I "literally" used a jigsaw to expand the backside PSU hole in a Gateway computer case to fit my Antec PSU. It's a pretty shabby job but there are three screws holding it in. Never considered duct tape even though it's the "state tape" here in Minnesota.

My kid's school could really use this server. The students have private site set up to access some materials for their classwork, but their current hardware is pretty dated. (State of the art last century, along with the OS.) Soldering irons and duct tape would probably break it at this stage.

I'm using my one and only 5+ year old PC for all my computing and entertainment needs which have just a single 250GB HDD and a DVD+/-RW drive which stopped reading and writing discs. Last year, with much difficulty I got a FreeAgent Go 500GB external which now only has around 10GB left. So now if I've to save something I've to weigh it in with what I've and decide which is more important and have to delete the other even if I need it. So this will definitely help me with storage as I don't have the means to buy anything.

Just adding my entry - no sob story other than it would be nice to have a more professional look for my network data instead of a bunch of external drives.

No sob story here, never managed to get a server running.
Have many ideas and possible projects that would be set free if I landed one though!

My current server is just pants. It's heavy, twice the size of an ordinary PC, noisy, and headed to the tip. I could do with a new box, not least to stick all my music on as I don't have anywhere near enough storage. Plus it'll run Minecraft quite nicely

Would love one as it would make a fantastic replacement to my old Windows Home Server and would provide an upgrade path to WHS 2011!

I'm eyeing this as a replacement for my aging Windows Home Server. The HP Microserver is an HP Proliant system, a very reliable product line from HP. I'm a network admin, and Proliants are excellent server machines. It's the only brand and model I recommend, and to be able to have one at home backing up my documents, music, and my massive artistic photography library would allow me to sleep just a little bit better at night.

because my wife is not letting me buying a new one!!
I forgot to tell her that she may not wash my old server with soap... and now she is angry because I did not told her that...
So I must find a new one for free

Would love to replace my aging vm server. Right now the only thing that holding my server together is gravity. Cant afford a soldering iron or duct tape.

because my wife is not letting me buying an new one!!
I forgot to tell her that she can not wash my old server with soap. and now she is angry because I did not told her that...
So I have to get one for free

I need to win this. I virtualized my servers a while back to get them off a machine that was held together by pine tree sap and velcro. I'd really like to put my servers back where they belong....

If I won I'd finally throw up a private server for many of the games my friends and I play. A solid rig with plenty of power would be most welcomed, especially for games that require no lag to run smoothly

Also, pr0n.

If I won it I'd probably run a web server to host my site, and I'd definitely store a huge amount of photos since I'm running out of space on my 250 GB HDD. I hope I win it. Oh, and it looks really cool.

This would be great to replace my aged Dell desktop that is currently acting as my server - to finally be able to host my own website, and have the power to do it, would be amazing!

I have no sob story ... If I won this ... I would give it to my sister ..
My sister calls me almost every week with computer issues. She needs
a server for backups. A good backup server would help me resolve some
of here bad habits ...

I'd really love it to back up my PC ^^ It's sort of full already, I can't fit in any more drives and really need more backup space to save my 800GB of photos...

That would be a nice gift for my 50th birthday (on june 23rd), and could get rid of a little dongle used for NAS at the moment.

I only have a laptop, so it would be nice to have a small, reasonably low power system I can keep always on.

I'd like the server to replace my aging hardware. We ppl from the southern hemisphere of this planet never win anything, so go ahead and make me a liar ;-)

I would love the HP Server as we are so poor we have to live in the middle of a lake, work 25 hours a day 7 day a week at t'mine, we would have to pay the t'mine owner for the privilege, having only hot gravel for dinner and when we come home our father would kill us in cold blood and dance on our graves.

I'd like the server, because I don't even have one!
If I were to host my FTP, remote applications, etc I'd have to take my netbook which I then couldn't carry around anymore! >_<


I would love to get this server to host our website which is slowly getting attention with within New Zealand. Our website indexes computer parts and prices and we are a FREE platform for shop owners to list their site with. Our website is located at http://hmii.co.nz/ or http://www.howmuchisit.co.nz/ The server would make it possible to run the website locally (from with in New Zealand) than using slower serving dreamhost.com


I'd like to win because the only way my current server keeps running is by the small mice I have to feed it, the vapours of LN2 to keep it from burning up, and a roll of gaffer-tape, not to hold the side-panels and hard disks in place (I use random wires I find within the server box for that), but to prop the left-corner up.
Whilst I have plenty of mice to feed it, I'm running out of wires, and someone keeps stealing my gaffer tape.

My mobo is dieing, 1 slot for memory is alredy dead. HDD will leave very soon. Currently planning on using using soldering irons and duct tape to keep your current rig running which is a life risking operation. Please save a life!!!

A Lack of windows Home Server in my house causes problems when our mediacenter bums out every week or so. This baby would solve that and increase my WAF (she beats me when she cant watch crappy tv *~sob~*)

I want it because......my current backup server is big and cumbersome, plus it looks cool. And I'm special, my mum told me so

I want to win because *drum roll* I've never won anything before and it'd be cool to have my own server-class computer to experiment and show off with.

*looks over to old dell poweredge 2650 on the floor parted because my mum dragged it and static blew it up*

I would actually get some good use out of this. I've just upgraded my computer and was gonna use the old parts for a server but this would be perfect. The old computer is almost too old for any practical server anyway.

My name is Dan and I'm starting my second semester in IT at QUT University in Queensland, Australia.
The goal is to be a Systems Administrator when i graduate.
I'm just starting a course in networks and databases and it would mean the world if i could use this server in my course to practice and get a little leg up on the competition

i have to keep log on the coming apocalypse so future generations know exactly what happens.

so the hp tattoo on my arm have an extra reason to be there.

Switched to Ubuntu last month after 15 years of using Windows. I definitely need a reliable 24/7 back up thingy now because I blunder every day.

My hamsters are getting tired and it would be good to give them a rest. I could really do with this server as a retirement incentive for them.

My current Home server is a great, lumbering Pentium D machine that's heating up my lounge and crashes every day. It badly needs replacing with something compact, cool and consumes less energy!

I don't actually need it, but I want to learn more about storing data on a server and configuring one.

i've got some things i would like to play like weborb, and many many more, and this guy would suit me just fine

Count Me !!

I've started my own Tech Blog (Inspired by Neowin) to create awareness of IT Products. Maybe I can post a review of it

Good Luck

I would jump at the chance to have this so I could use it to practice maintaining a server. I'm in desperate need of a separate machine to work with. Virtual machines on my 6 year old VAIO laptop (with hardware virtualization permanently disabled in the firmware/BIOS by Sony) just doesn't work. SOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Plus, it can't do 64-bit on a 32-bit host (you know, due to VT-x being disabled). If selected, this starving college student would be eternally grateful to the Neowin team. I'll even send cookies! =)

I got one of theses about two months ago, only cost me £100 (£200 retail with a £100 cashback offer from hp) and upgraded the ram since then. It runs 2 VM's solidly, the internal hdd caddys are pretty neat too.

P.S. dont count this as an entry, i'm not that greedy

Recently had a lightning strike come in through my cable modem. I didn't know that was even possible. At the time my backup server was turned off & unplugged - I didn't think about the cable coming into the cable modem and connecting to my router.
It blew the hell out of the cable modem and router, which was connected to my server, and in turn fried the mainboard and cabbaged the hard drive.
Server and backed up data gone in a puff of smoke, and unfortunately no amount of duct tape or hours with a soldering iron will resurect it

My laptop video card died, and I need a solution for mobility. This server will allow me to host my files, and let me buy a cheap netbook and access my stuff remotely, solving awll my problems.

OK I am ready to ditch my AMD Athlon 9 year old mobo with 500Mb of memory to finally upgrade to a new server - money's been tight - so yes I would love winning this Microserver !!

I want to win it to be able to send my other pc for service to HP,since because of my work I cant be a day without any computer around

Sob stories about using soldering irons and duct tape to keep your current rig running may win you brownie points

How about the my current server is so old 2GB of memory costs about as much as this whole HP server, and that I actually had to cut up pieces of the case with a saw to make it fit together and work (true). And my dog died (not true) is that enough of a sob story?

Its only after a friends laptop dies and you are roped in to help recover what you can, that Neowin gives you the chance to save your data.

This would be excellent base for my home network (planing to build it for couple years now), but money is always an issue.

I lost a load of pictures a while ago due to hard disk failure. Since then I have been copying data to the a USB drive. Ideally I would like a storage unit at my dads house (2 doors down) and wireless backup to the device there. Other than this the missus wants to go to all the places we have lost to take these pics again.

I have soooooo much money, I cooked s'mores over a flame of $100 bills. I'd love this server, just so I can point and laugh at all the poor folk whose servers are made from duct tape and soldering iron.

I've lost most of my precious photos due to a HDD failure, and I had no backup.. to never have that happen again to me, I'd like that sweet thing for keeping my backups

I would offer a sob story, but I'm too poor to be able to afford such a device, then have it break, thereby providing me with such a tear-jerking story. So instead I will just offer the idea that this will surely be going to loving home should I win.

Because this would help my startup development business and help me to not for out a ton of cash for hardware. Who knows I might actually be able to hire some part time help.

I would love to say I still have a current rig, but I don't...

I had a pint glass of strongbow and the cat jumped onto the desk, decided to rub up against my keyboard, then rubbed up against the glass - but ended up knocking it over. The strongbow went everywhere, all over the keyboard, mouse, my mobile (which still works, thankfully), my notes etc. But whilst I was cleaning that up, the strongbow was leaking over the desk onto the floor, and my computer was there with the case on and everything, but I had done a specific mod to my computer that completely messed me up that day, so it was my fault.

As you know heat rises, so I always thought to myself, why does no one put the fans at the top, because that's where the heat will go, so I did a mod job, and put 2 fans on the top of the case. Worked great, got great temperatures, however it didn't help the 'waterproof ability' of the rig at all.

Moral of the story? Don't mess with stuff that already works, because something always ends up going wrong! Oh and don't drink strongbow.

Yeah this would be a great addition to my house as my family starts to store heaps of data.
My sob story is having 1 pc die, 2 power supplies die and having my house flood too...

Haha, anyway good luck to everyone!

I'd make great use of this because i recently dropped my server type device and lost all my data.. if i had the capacity for more disks i might have been safe.

I currently run a TF2 server from my friend's computer. Not all that efficient, considering he won't let me vnc at all.

Sob story eh? Here goes...

My upstairs neighbor's pipes broke/ burst and, unfortunately, flooded MY house instead. So I happened to be home with my 11 month old daughter that morning and while I watched my place fill with several inches of water, starting with water gushing out of the circuit breaker in our room, I had to get my daughter out, call y wife and save what I could.

Of course I wasn't able to save it all. First thing that went was the workstation and everything hooked up to that particular UPS. So desktop, monitor, etc. gone, among other things in the house like TV, 360, etc. Luckily I had backups of all pictures and videos of our newborn across SD cards, gmail and the laptop that survived. So the truly significant stuff wasn't lost.

Here's the kicker. This happened to be 4 days before my daughter's very 1st birthday and about 2 weeks before Christmas. So my wife, daughter, two dogs and I spent just over a month in a hotel. We made the most out of a bad situation though. We celebrated what was important, no one was hurt, especially considering the electrical risk, and we were all together.

I'm also glad to say I had honest words, no fighting, with our neighbor about not maintaining the property shortly after we moved back in and they moved out pretty quickly after that. I could go on but I won't. I may get flamed for this post as it is. lol

Long story short, I'm running all my computer needs off of a 7 year old HP laptop connected to my TV with my data spread across burned DVDs and flash drives. It'd be nice to centralize what I do have left.

The End

My life would have a sense with this thing, I would marry it and then put it to the other servers in the rack, so that it is in good companionship

If I was graced with the chance to win a HP Microserver, I would turn it into a Windows Home Server 2011 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter SP1 computer and make great use of it.

It would be nice to have some place to back up all those damn hd purchases from iTunes, especially since you cant redownload them if you lose the files.

my significant other threatened to throw away the current server as its basically random parts in a shoe box. This will restore her faith in the need for a server

I'm ready for a file server for storing backups of my movies, tv, and documents. Some people dream of sandy beaches, I dream of data centers.