HP hailed for green design

HP has been given an award for its efforts to make its notebook systems more environmentally friendly. The company has been named as the winner of Wal-Mart's Home Entertainment Design Challenge for its work in producing greener notebooks. HP won the award for its Pavilion DV6929 model, a consumer notebook geared towards multimedia and entertainment applications.

The company is currently offering the model in 1,700 Wal-Mart and 598 Sam's Club stores in the US. The cornerstone of HP's project was packaging. In addition to standard energy saving features, the packaging required for the notebook was almost completely eliminated. Instead, HP shipped the notebook inside an HP Protect bag which is constructed entirely from recyclable materials. As a result, the company was able to cut packaging by 97 per$ cent.

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I wonder what it costs them to use this different packaging. Does it add more cost to the production process? If not, why aren't more of their laptops shipped like this?

I would think it is because it costs more to have people think up and design this "greener packaging", then it is to go with a click and ship type of method. I guess HP made a good investment for its future products. I hope more companies follow suit.

I agree with what you said, all of it.

The thing is, Wal-Mart is here to stay. I try and make the best of having a trash hole in my town. You need to embrace what the Wal Mart can do for you. Where else can you pick up on white trash chicks at 3 am? You can also have fun; pick up the phones that are on the pillars, press "page", and start talking to the store. "Attention Wal-Mart shoppers... smoke weed." I heard snickering from around the store. Many stories to be told about the wal mart. Good times.

Yep, Walfart is not green by any stretch of the imagination. They're just riding the popular appeal of "green", marketing themselves as something more palatable than they really are.

I guess the "HP Protect bag" probably doesn't cost very much to manufacture. It sounds like it wouldn't protect the laptop as well as traditional packaging. Think about a stack of these in the warehouse, with other boxes on top crushing the laptops. Maybe the added cost is in the big warehouse box that the laptops are all shipped in together.

Maybe they should concentrate more on raising quality control on their craptastic laptops' internal hardware rather than packaging...

HP has become a grab and run company, sucking life blood from customers by selling expensive inks, poor support, and more recently... failure to provide updated drivers. They fit in very well with the Wal-mart corporate strategy.

You bet they wouldn't use so called 'green' packaging unless it shaved $ from their bottom line. All they've done is go from quality to cr*p packaging in the name of saving the environment. As in other politically correct concepts, business cannot wait to jump on the bandwagon, appearing chaste to bask in the glow of righteousness with their customers.

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