HP may finally shut down webOS division

There were big cheers in the PC industry when HP announced Thursday that it was going to keep its PC business in-house. But there may not be much in the way of a celebration over at the webOS division. The Guardian reports via unnamed sources that HP could shut down the webOS business after acquiring the operating system, along with Palm, for $1.2 billion back in April 2010; 500 people at HP could lose their jobs if such a decision is made.

One unnamed webOS employee is quoted in the article as saying, "There's a 95 (percent) chance we all get laid off between now and November, and I for one am thinking it's for the best." One big clue that change is coming is the fact that the vice-president of webOS worldwide developer relations Richard Kerris has left the company to join Nokia.

HP has said in the past it was committed to developing webOS even if it would no longer sell webOS-based hardware devices such as the Palm Pre smartphones and the HP TouchPad which crashed and burned earlier this summer. However, all of that talk was before HP brought in new CEO Meg Whitman a few weeks ago and she seems to not be shy about shifting HP's previous roadmap.

Indeed Whitman has already said HP plans to release new tablet products but they will be running Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. With that kind of statement there doesn't seem to be much room for HP to hold onto a rival operating system like webOS.


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Why don't those 500 or so people working in the WebOS division get together and actually purchase it from HP. From the rumors going around it maybe that HP really doesn't want it so maybe they can get it at a bargain price and HP will benefit as getting some sort of cash from it (as opposed to a 1.2b+ loss by just shutting it down). WebOS has a lot of potential but it needs someone to dedicate some development time and effort and it can be a real contender to Android or IOS.

Seems they got things arse about ... should have spun off WebOS instead (or never bought into it in the 1st place ... Am I glad I'm not a shared holder)

Why would you spend $1.2billinon and then shut down the service a year after ??

Why wasting 1.2b, if you had that much to waste, simply make webOS independent and Open Source then simply give them half of that money and let them decide

Choto Cheeta said,
Why would you spend $1.2billinon and then shut down the service a year after ??

with the volatile global financial market things have to fall under the table and it can be sudden. Corners have to be cut. Why not open source? guess that will open up a can of legal worms.

funny as anything webos related hardly gets any replies but when it was announced back in 2009 everyone called it the iphone killer...oh the irony!

Just a damn shame. Webos had soo much potential. Im sickened with both palm and hp. Neither did a good job with this platforn. They should open source it and give it to rod at webos internals.

Good to finally see some sense coming out of HP. Building cheap underpowered tablets, then switching to webOS because they weren't powerful enough to run windows was pure suicide from day 1. A $1.2b lesson that fighting Microsoft is a losing battle.