HP Offers Touch-Screen Vista on New PCs

Two new HP PCs will allow Microsoft's Windows Vista OS to be controlled with a touch-screen interface. The TouchSmart IQ770 PC (available for $1799 end of January, February in UK) is a desktop computer with a 19-inch screen while the Pavilion tx1000 (available online for $1299 February 28 ) with a 12.1-inch screen is a notebook computer. This marks the first time HP has used touch screens in desktops or notebooks.

First off, let's start with the notebook. It has a hinged screen; the display can rotate all the way around to face away from the keyboard and can fold overtop the keyboard for complete touch-screen control. Spec-wise, it comes with 1GB of RAM, is powered by a dual-core Turion 64 X2 processor from AMD but has a limited battery life. The tx1000 can play DVDs for 2.5 hours on a single battery charge, said Kevin Wentzel, technical mobility marketing manager for HP. Future generations will include an integrated wireless WAN card and a Sling Media player for accesing content remotely through a Slingbox device at home.

Secondly, the family PC desktop. Just like the laptop, it is powered by AMD's Turion 64 X2 processor as well. This one runs HP's SmartCenter software as the primary interface for Windows Vista. It is aimed as a PC for family activities: large icons, an integrated TV tuner and shortcuts to other media keep it in constant use. Virtual sticky notes can be written and dragged onto a calendar or bulletin board. Pictures can be cropped and manipulated on screen. Remember, all this is done without a mouse.

News source: PC World

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Why would you want a touch-screen HP desktop, let alone laptop anyway? This seems like a pretty stupid idea to me (especially the crippled tablet-like touch-screen laptop that can't function as a normal tablet!)


Well, with a laptop, it's a bit of a task using the touch pad or the nipple and you might not be in a good position to use a mouse, so you can just use the touch screen.

We use touchscreens all over the plant's floor at the company I work for. I have a touchscreen in my office and you get used to using it. I can't tell you how many times I have poked my laptop's screen thinking it would do something.

So? The computers I use at work (concessions stand) are just like that - you touch the LCD and it selects that. Of course they are only Via 733MHz, 40GB, 256MB DDR systems with xp, but still

Elliott said,
No multi-touch? Psh. :P

Just remember multi-touch wasn't invented by apple... the gestures were shown by Jeff Han (researcher at NYU) at last year's TED

He never said or implied that multi touch was invented by apple.

Anyway,I remember I saw a video of some display device that was very much like minority report's things.. the way images were zoomed in that video, it's the exact same thing iPhone does.
Lovely, lovely

ArtOf_War said,

Just remember multi-touch wasn't invented by apple... the gestures were shown by Jeff Han (researcher at NYU) at last year's TED

And I never implied that. As a matter of fact, I remembered that video immediately when Apple was showing off the iPhone. Still, Apple implemented it. HP and the others didn't.