HP Profit Rises as Notebook Sales Grow

Hewlett-Packard Co., the world's largest personal computer maker, issued a better-than-expected quarterly profit and outlook on Monday, driven by strong sales of notebook computers. HP also announced an $8 billion additional share buyback program, but market reaction was muted by uncertainty over how much the U.S. credit crisis will hurt technology demand in coming months. HP shares rose 1.4 percent in extended trading to $50.15.

The results came after International Business Machines Corp and Cisco Systems Inc. warned of weakness in orders from U.S. financial institutions, which are mired in mortgage-related losses. Chief Executive Mark Hurd told reporters on a conference call that HP saw a "fairly steady environment" in its fiscal fourth quarter, which ended on Oct. 31, helped by lower computer component prices. "We do not have a huge exposure to the financial services industry," Hurd said. "We saw no change in spending in financial services in the quarter."

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ugghhh.. looks great but i hate the wireless problems with this crappy built in broadcom wireless chipset on dv6255eu.... what a waste.. the laptop would have been great.. all of a sudden the wireless starts working and then on other times it decides not to. tried ubuntu , vista , xp, latest drivers... everything..... thats one poorely engineered laptop.. terrible battery life as well

on the other hand! I LOVE my hp pc pavilion a 1740n. great and serves all my puproses

I'm not surprised. I recently helped a friend find a laptop for his sister. In a sea of ugly plastics and dark grey (I'm looking at you Acer) The HP DV series really wows. She ended up getting an end of line DV2200 which looks very nice. My mate is HUGE Apple fanboy he loves his MacBook Pro and his new iMac 24", but even he was impressed by HPs Laptop offering.

Their website however not so much. They really need a dedicated and simple to understand consumer website separate from their corporate site.