HP ProLiant ML110 G7, first Windows 8 server from HP?

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system. From tablets to servers, the new OS has something for nearly every demographic to love. While there has only been a little bit of information talked about on the server side of the equation, the HP ProLiant ML110 G7 (PDF) may be among the first to support the new platform.

In a specification sheet spotted by Windows8beta, the spec sheet clearly says that the server will support the Windows 8 operating system. For those who work in the enterprise market or run their own home server, this could be among the first pieces of hardware to run the new platform.

There is no other mention of Windows 8 in the specifications which leaves much to be desired in terms of what new functionality Windows 8 will bring to the market. The next time Microsoft will be updating the world on their Windows 8 platform will be at the BUILD conference in September.

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It'll be named Windows Server 2012 or something along those lines. The only reason HP's putting that there is because the requirements for the next OS are the same as the current one. Really, the OS requirements for a server aren't very exciting since the server OS is just there for your apps and services with the real requirements to sit on.

I haven't heard any major changes to any of the driver models, so would anticipate that most devices would be supported under W8 without driver changes..