HP reveals Windows 8.1 Pavilion x360 notebook with Yoga-like hinge for display

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." That seems to be HP's reasoning for announcing a new Windows 8.1 notebook, the Pavilion x360, that has a display with a hinge that lets users flip it nearly 360 degrees and use it in a variety of positions, such as "tent mode" and "stand mode".

Yes, that means HP is now putting in the same kind of feature inside one of its notebooks that Lenovo first introduced with its Yoga line of Windows 8 laptops in October 2012. Dell later used the same kind of rotating display design for its XPS 11 notebook, which went on sale in October 2013.

HP's entry into this laptop sub-genre will have an 11.6 inch screen and a 1366x768 resolution. The Next Bench blog states that it will have an Intel Bay Trail processor, along with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. The starting price for the Pavilion x360 will be $399, although there will apparently be options to upgrade the processor, memory and hard drive for higher prices. There's no word on its battery life yet.

The laptop is expected to start shipping on February 26th and will come in a red color, although a silver version is due for release sometime later.

Source: HP | Image via HP

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This is hilarious. I wonder if there will be a Chromebook equivilant.
Can anyone within HP understand why they are on the wane?

Not only it is the usual horrible HP quality but god, they moved their awfulness to the design department now.

Just a reminder - HP announced that drivers and firmware updates may require products to be in-warranty.

Consider that before you purchase.

Still think the concept is a bit weird, and not completely thought through properly, but it's good to see OEMs trying something new*

*even if it's been done before, lol

I don't know how the Yoga's hinge is, but Lenovo's IdeaPad Flex has an extremely sturdy hinge. If you're looking for a device that competes with this one price-wise and is really upgradeable, I recommend checking that out. I got the top of the line version with a Haswell i7, 256 GB SSD, and 8 GB of RAM for $720 refurbished and but otherwise new on Ebay. And it's got a 14" screen instead of something super small!

Cheers but these convertibles don't really interest me that much. I would like a tablet such as the Surface Pro 2 but with a decent keyboard like the new Asus has but with a decent CPU not an Atom like in the Asus. The Lenovo Miix 2 looks promising.

My ideal machine right now would be an 11 to 13" Full HD tablet with an i7, 8+GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, HDMI out, full size USB, 6+ hour battery built in with a extra battery giving 9+ hours battery life and at least 2 extra full size USB in the keyboard dock. Man that would be pretty damn perfect

virtorio said,
It's an HP, it'll stop working long before the hinge breaks.

thats not true, I Have pavilion dv6 and I its basically always on main Home Laptop/Computer (because its attached to a monitor) and it has been working fine since 2011.

trojan_market said,

thats not true, I Have pavilion dv6 and I its basically always on main Home Laptop/Computer (because its attached to a monitor) and it has been working fine since 2011.
Well, it was joke, but now that you mention it, the only HP I've owned went though four motherboard replacements in a six month period and would constantly overheat (this was a few years ago), and my mother brought an HP laptop (Envy) less than two months ago and is already on the second one, and the new does work fine except that it gets far too hot to actually use on a lap (just from sitting there with nothing open).

I think their business machines range from good to excellent (ProBook, EliteBook), but this is not one of those.