HP to give away some TouchPad apps

The HP TouchPad continues to be a hot item among tech enthusiasts now that HP has discontinued the webOS-based tablet and is selling its remaining stock at fire sale price. Now that tablet just became an even better deal. As announced on HP's Palm blog page, the company has decided to give away six of the TouchPad's paid apps from now until August 31. The web site has the promo codes needed to access the free apps.

The six apps included in this free giveaway include some games such as Sparkle HD, Big Boss and Kung Fu Panda Storybook 2. Other apps in this free giveaway include Glimpse, which gives the TouchPad a split screen interface; Camera for TouchPad which gives you some extra options for the TouchPad; and Audubon Birds, a searchable guide to birds living in the US. The total amount of all six apps is $30.95 USD if they were at their normal price points. HP is apparently planning to offer another set of TouchPad apps for free in early September.

In related news, someone in the UK managed to get a very rare edition of the HP TouchPad. WebOSRoundup.com reports that the user got a white HP TouchPad with a roomy 64 GB of storage in the same week that HP decided to shut down the device. Normally the 64 GB version would have sold for $599 before the shut down and HP's massive price cut. Meanwhile people are still waiting to see if HP will put new units of the tablet on sale on its web site as promised.

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Found it on our website:
HP TouchPad FAQs[ Edited ] .Options
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.08-20-2011 07:55 PM - last edited on 08-24-2011 11:20 PM

HP TouchPad

Update 10:00pm CST 08/24/11:

Beginning Thursday August 25th, 2011 stores with available inventory may be offering tickets on a first come first served basis for the purchase of a HP TouchPad. Stores may have select HP-branded accessories specific to the HP TouchPad available, which are currently 50 percent off the original price while supplies last.

Update 11:47am CST 08/23/11:

At this time all remaining TouchPad inventory is on its way to our stores and will be arriving throughout the week. Best Buy will no longer be selling the Touchpad on BestBuy.com, or any other Best Buy channel other than our stores. We cannot share specifics on the timing or quantity of these shipments. As soon as a store receives shipment, it will be merchandised on the sales floor and will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

Many Best Buy's will be selling off the remaining stock that they possess tomorrow. Most stores following procedures will have tickets to hand out for those in line 0 tickets = 0 unit so if you don't get a ticket don't ask. Not sure if any will be the 64GB but know Best Buy they would have had those in the warehouses already if they existed with a sell date. I know the Best Buy here was taking calls all night so there must have been a press release somewhere. Without going into details this store will have 10 of each. ATM they are all listed as being the 16gb and 32gb.

When I tried them an hour ago, from the forum poster who already posted this, they were all already used, and no good.
May as well take it off the front page, little late. Unless they re-activated the codes, I haven't checked, but highly doubt it.

I scored a touchpad for my girlfriend that I'm saving for a christmas present. Should I break it open to get these apps or maintain the integrity of the sealed package?

shamburg said,
I scored a touchpad for my girlfriend that I'm saving for a christmas present. Should I break it open to get these apps or maintain the integrity of the sealed package?

Keep the package sealed and sell it to a technology history museum in 50 years.

homeboyrocketshoulders said,
It takes a real douchebag to complain about something free.

Oh noes!11 That hurt!!

Seriously though....bird watching app....really.

ahhell said,
Yeah free apps!!! Yeah, they are total garbage!!

Thanks, HP.

Considering the thing didn't come with an app to take pictures with the camera, that one could be considered useful, for those who like to take pictures.