HP to refund Windows 8 upgrade price for most of its PCs

A few weeks ago, we reported that people who purchase a new Falcon Northwest Windows 7 PC would be able to get a refund on Microsoft's $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade, effectively making that update free. Later, one of Neowin's readers pointed out that the Staples retail store chain is offering a free $15 Visa gift card for all Windows 7 PCs bought in its stores and online between now and November 17th.

Now the world's largest PC maker, HP, has quietly announced it will also refund the $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade price for people who buy select new Windows 7 PCs from now until February 2, 2013. The offer is for US and Canadian residents only. The offer covers HP's notebooks and desktops, including its Envy, Spectre, Pavilion, Compaq, and its all-in-one PCs; the HP Mini is not included in this deal.

Online submissions for this rebate will begin on October 26th and will end on March 31, 2013. When the submission page goes live, HP PC buyers will have to submit scanned images of a dated invoice with the purchase price circled. The original UPC/serial number bar code label and Microsoft's Windows 8 upgrade email receipt and customer promotion code must also be included in the promotion.

We plan to contact other major PC makers such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba and Asus to find out if they will also over a similar refund offer.

Source: HP website | Image via HP

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thealexweb said,
North America only? Grrg

Ahh, only in their stores, does HP have any of its own physical stores outside North America?

If the offer is extended to other countries such as the UK, then the price of the refund is a lot more expensive.

Currently, Microsoft is charging the UK £14.99 rather then their $14.99. Thats UK pounds of the same price. Current exchange rates would value the UK price as a refund in USD as $23.71. Thats quite a lot more then what our American counterparts are being charged/refunded.

The same is expected with the special offer on the upgrade for past windows users later, with american users being charged the low price of $39.99, the UK price will be £39.99 making it the equivalent of $63.26.. thats quite an increase and not much cheaper then just buying a retail version for the UK.

I assume some other places around the world are going to feel just as ripped off by the entire thing.

The UK price includes VAT while the US price does not include the sales tax.

If you subtract the VAT from the UK price, it'd be £12.49, in other words $19.74. So the difference is only $4.74.

AtriusNY said,
If you subtract the VAT from the UK price, it'd be £12.49, in other words $19.74. So the difference is only $4.74.

And you think "only" $4.74 more, for no good reason (just because), is OK?

rpsgc said,

And you think "only" $4.74 more, for no good reason (just because), is OK?

The EU is richer than the US. As a result, people "should" be able to pay more in the EU than in the US. I believe that would be the reason.