HP unveils Windows Home Server systems

Hewlett-Packard Co. began taking preorders today for its MediaSmart Server, the first system from a major manufacturer powered by Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Home Server (WHS) software. MediaSmart, which won't ship until later this month, is priced at $599 with 500GB of storage, or $749 with a terabyte of disk space. Those prices were identical to the listings leaked by Amazon.com in late August.

Other servers running the new operating system will ship later this year and into early next, including units from Iomega Corp. and LaCie Ltd., Microsoft said as it announced the official launch of WHS today. WHS, loosely based on Windows Server 2003, made its debut at last January's Consumer Electronics Show and entered public beta about a month later. It provides automatic backup, data restore, file and printer sharing, and remote Web-based access for up to 10 Windows XP or Vista PCs on an Ethernet or wireless network. Microsoft has hammered hardest on the automatic backup feature.

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If they released a WSUS for WHS I would be in hog heaven, even if it is a trimmed down version. One of my windows machines is a test/dev machine so I constantly break things and have to reload. With the death of Autopatcher (RIP) this would be a good alternative.

Yes... I know I could just ghost the drive. I just personally prefer a reinstall from the CD (unattended network) install.

Its running a build of Windows 2003 Web Server SP2 as core. With some cool addons. Slightly modified so you can't have more then 10 open TCP/UDP connections on the box. IIS is 6.0 so its better then XP Pro. You get a couple more connections. Full RDP support. You can put a monitor on it. It will not install MS SQL, it will install SQL Express.

RAID5? If not, no thanks. Id rather spend a bit more for that feature.

O... im not sure if this was fixed but last I heard the WHS server client had issues with Vista64.


Microsoft are currently internally testing an x64 Connector for Windows Vista Machines, which should be available between December 07 - March 08.

2 of my 3 Windows systems are running x64. Looks like I will be staying with Linux (samba) and Allway Sync for a bit longer.

If the computer is sleeping, it will automatically wake up, backup, then go back to sleep. My laptop operates this way with WHS. I just shut the lid and leave it plugged in to charge and it backs up every night.