HP Wins Judgement Against Pelikan

HP announced today that Germany-based Pelikan Hardcopy Deutschland GmbH was found to be in violation of the German law on unfair competition by the Cologne Regional Court, Germany. In a judgment issued in July and finalized earlier this month, the court ordered Pelikan to cease labeling certain newly manufactured inkjet print cartridges as "remanufactured."

HP initiated this unfair competition action against Pelikan last summer after Pelikan refused HP's request to voluntarily give an undertaking to cease its misleading advertising. HP had discovered that Pelikan marketed and sold new print cartridges in packaging that claimed the new cartridges were remanufactured products. In the recent judgment, the court agreed with HP and took the view that Pelikan's labeling was misleading to customers.

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(Skyfrog said @ #2)
Why would any company want to sell new products as used?

I suspect the assumption is that customers would view products in order of decreasing desirability:

New HP
Remanufactured HP
New third-party
Remanufactured third-part.

green image, more and more people buy products while thinking about their impact on the environment. Therefore recycled products and green, ethical companies are booming the last couple of years

Well I know I would be disappointed if I purchased a refurbished ink cartridge only to find that it was new. :rolleyes:

What a dumb complaint.