HP's PC head on Windows 8, Surface and more

HP is still the world's biggest maker of Windows-based PCs and the company has a ton of new models coming out on October 26th for the launch of Windows 8, including some touch screen enabled notebooks, a notebook-tablet hybrid and all-in-one PCs.

In a new interview on PCWorld.com, Todd Bradley, the head of HP's PC division, says that the touch interface portion of Windows 8 will be "significant". He added:

HP has a long tradition of innovating in touch interfaces, and it’s great to have Microsoft agree and support us.  Whether it’s a touch interface you use occasionally on a notebook or desktop, or something you use all the time with tablets, we think customers will really be excited.

And what about Microsoft getting into the PC hardware business with their upcoming Surface tablet? Bradley said he didn't want to comment about other company's announcements but said HP was "confident with our competitive offerings." He added, "Microsoft remains a key partner, and the market for tablets is huge. And customers really win when there are lots of choices."

Bradley also objects to Apple's theme that we are now living in a "post-PC era", saying that kind of thinking is "just wrong." He added:

Just think of the decision when your child is going off to college. What’s a requirement? A PC. Or you run a business and need your employees to be productive. You need a PC. The size of the global PC business is huge, and I think some people are trying to be dramatic. That said, there is a growing role for tablets, and we will absolutely be a significant force in that space.

Source: PCWorld.com | Image via HP

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After Windows 8, the focus of peoples attention will be "Voice Control". So it will end up just like Star Trek where you have consoles for different needs.

I purchased a brand top of the line HP Envy 15-T-3200 Notebook and have gone through the worst experience!

For starters:
1. 6-8% battery loss per day when fully shutoff (not hibernate or sleep) - fully off. HP Premier "Concierge Support" claims this is normal for HP laptops and they cannot do anything to assist. They cannot, however, provide me any documentation that in fact states what "normal" is. I have NEVER had a laptop suffer from this, and I have had many different brands of laptops.

2. The CD/DVD's get stuck in the player when ejecting. HP Premier "Concierge Support" fix is before ejecting the CD/DVD, run your fingernail along the protective felt dust protection enclosing the drive, to "loosen it up", so the CD/DVD's eject properly.

3. I have gone through countless bios upgrades over the past weeks - HP seems to release these updates on a bi-weekly basis! This clearly tells me the product shipped before it was ready and properly tested.

4. The HP Premier "Concierge Support" experience has been horrible. The escalation manager quickly dismiss issues as "normal" and say they cannot help.

** BEWARE ** Think before you buy. I also have an Apple Macbook Air/Macbook Pro and have NEVER experience such hardware quality faults or poor service experience.

I believe HP is in a state of denial! Treat your customers like this and guess what? Well, I guess just read about HP in the news to find out.

HP isn't the biggest PC maker anymore, in the latest stats Lenevo was only 0.1% behind HP and a few weeks ago Lenevo bought the biggest PC maker in Brazil so its all but certain Lenevo is now on top.

Very well said, hope they can deliver competitive products. The Surface is great but not for everyone or every task. I certainly want one, but it will never be my primary device for work... or I don't think so at least, unless it proves to be so versatile that it can turn into a multi-monitor workstation with a mouse and keyboard

Im still not convinced on TouchScreen notebooks. Touch screens work a lot better when the screen is laying flat, less tiresome for the arms. I just hope HP is improving their overall build quality and customer service. A lot of companies are claiming to step up their designs as of late, but one thing a lot need improving is the overall customer service. Thats one thing I have to hand to Apple, they have impressed me this year with their repair service. Dell and Toshiba, and HP have been horrid experiences for me

wv@gt said,
Touch screens work a lot better when the screen is laying flat, less tiresome for the arms.


do u have tiny t-rex arms?

wv@gt said,
Im still not convinced on TouchScreen notebooks. Touch screens work a lot better when the screen is laying flat, less tiresome for the arms.

I strongly disagree. If you're going to bring ergonomics into the discussion, you can't make as egregious a mistake as ignoring neck strain. Any display laying flat would require a very unnatural angle to look at it from for optimal use. Angled is generally better, and the freedom to easily adjust the angle is even better than that. A laptop base enables that.

I'm not saying laptops are necessarily better than slates. I'm saying the form factor comes with particular benefits for very realistic use cases.